CAC claims majority of Mahindra vehicles under PNP still running healthy

The majority of the Mahindra units procured by the Philippine National Police (PNP) are said to be in good condition. This was based on the report from the Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC).
According to the CAC, around the majority of the 2,045 vehicles - consisting of Enforcer Patrol Jeeps and Scorpio Light Transport Vehicles (LTV) - have gone through an ongoing after-sales program.
From October 22, 2018 to February 29 of this year, Mahindra conducted a regular Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) and free inspection of 1,645 units that were under the PNP and were serviced free of charge. This saved more than pesetas 10 million in parts and services the campaign.
In addition, CAC issued a goodwill guarantee on the 474 units that were already uninsured. This means that a unit received the same service as in the nominal period. Such a step resulted in additional savings of over 12.6 million pesetas.
The initiative was made possible because Mahindra has a spare parts inventory of pesetas 30 million to replace worn parts of the PNP units.
In addition, Mahindra CAC has set up a service group of service engineers to oversee the areas where Mahindra units are stationed. These engineers are employed in the strategically located four-part depot in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Another four mobile service vehicles were built in order to carry out regular on-site visits.
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In addition, Mahindra claimed that such a step was taken to ensure that the vehicles assigned to the police were working and functioning properly when needed.
“We even conducted regular training sessions with the operators and managers of these Mahindra units covering the proper operation, maintenance and basic troubleshooting of the units so that the drivers and users of the patrol jeeps and LTVs are familiar with their Mahindra service vehicles. Antonio Mallari Jr., Mahindra's After Sales Director, said.
"Even Mahindra India regularly sends its international service managers to help conduct field training in deployment areas, monitor unit performance and report it to their headquarters," he added.
Based on their record, only 41 of the 1,656 Enforcer Patrols are inoperative, while out of more than 300 Scorpio LTV units, only one pair has been out of service.
According to Mahindra CAC, the main cause of vehicle failure for the PNP units was failure to meet PMS schedules and the units were taken to unauthorized service centers. Apart from that, traffic accidents and encounters with criminal elements or armed rebels are other factors.
It should be noted that CAC was the former distributor of the Korean car brand Kia before it was handed over to AC Motors under the Ayalas. Currently, CAC leads Mahindra and the French brand Peugeot.
Photos from Columbian Autocar Corporation, Mahindra, Philippine National Police Facebook page
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