California Coronavirus Update: Governor Gavin Newsom Reports That 25% Of State’s COVID Infections Happened In Past 2 Weeks

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California Governor Gavin Newsom reported 5,349 new coronavirus cases on Thursday. This is less than the all-time high of 7,149 the day before, but the governor was not pleased with the decline and said the number was "still higher than it should be".
Newsom continued to warn, "We have seen 56,000 new cases in the past 14 days." That is over a quarter of the 195,000 cases identified to date. Part of this can be attributed to increased testing, Newsom said. But not all.
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Los Angeles County now has the highest number of coronavirus cases in the United States.
The positive rate of tests per day has increased by 5.1 percent in the last 14 days. The World Health Organization recommends opening regions only when the positive rate drops below 5 percent. In the past seven days, the governor said, the rate has been 5.6 percent.
Gavin Newsom

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Yesterday, CA ran over 100,000 # COVID19 tests.

Positivity rate:
- 5.1% over 14 days
- 5.6% over 7 days

Yesterday we had a high of 7,149 new cases.

Today that has dropped to 5,349 - still higher than it should be.

CA - WEAR A MASK. Wash your hands Practice physical distancing.
10:22 p.m. - June 25, 2020
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Yesterday, Newsom saw a 29 percent increase in hospitalization in the past 14 days. Today, that number rose to 32 percent.
The total hospital space used is still 8 percent.
When asked by a reporter that L.A. County exceeded the maximum number of reopening cases, Newsom said it was a situation that "we are monitoring very closely." He said counties were held to the certificates they made to reopen. "If people fail to keep [these promises], they will go with this guidance system," the governor said, noting that government officials work with Los Angeles county officials every day.
The number of intensive care units has also increased in the past 14 days. "Approximately 34 percent of the intensive care beds available in our hospital system are used," said the governor. That is an increase of 31 percent 24 hours ago.
Referring to the intensive numbers, Newsom said they were the key to deciding whether to tighten the restrictions or continue reopening. "If our system cannot absorb when there is capacity or limitation," the governor said, "we will put off alarm bells. If we find resource depletion and resource constraints, we worry."
Newsom announced the launch of a new aggregate reporting and forecasting website, the California COVID Testing Tool, which it referred to as the "model of models". The idea is to help Californians understand the data and spot the trends. Newsom said this is the same information that health directors use to guide their decisions. You can find this page here.
Newsom said that a dashboard is also released every morning.
While talking about forecasts and data, Newsom tried to praise Disney for not reopening its Orange County Park. "I would like to compliment Disney and his team for this decision."
He pointed out that Disney's decision may be due to state or lack of guidelines. “They found that the state no longer offers guidelines in these categories. This is an example of the data that affects decision making. "
Newsom reported on Wednesday that the state had seen another record number of newly diagnosed COVID-19 cases, 7,149 new infections. That's a jump of 2,000 infections in just 24 hours.
"We cannot continue what we have done in the past few weeks," Newsom said. He said some people had cabin fever. "Some people just gave up their vigilance."
"I'm not naive," said Newsom. "People mix. We spread this virus. It is our behavior that leads to these numbers. "
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