California Residents Must Wear Face Coverings in Public, Governor Orders

California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered Thursday that all Californians in public or other “high-risk situations,” including indoor and outdoor public areas, where 6 feet from other people are “not feasible,” must wear face coverings.
"The risk of COVID-19 remains, and the increasing number of Californians who leave their homes to work or meet other needs increases the risk of COVID-19 exposure and infection," the regulation says . "Everyone's use of face coverings can limit the release of infected droplets when speaking, coughing, and / or sneezing, and can increase physical distance."
The facewear must cover the nose and mouth and must not be worn again without being washed with hot water between uses. If this is not possible, residents should wash their hands immediately after putting the face covering back on and avoid touching their faces. All masks that are damaged by holes and tears or that do not otherwise completely cover the nose and mouth and cannot remain on the face should be discarded according to the order.
The order states that the requirement for face covering does not replace the existing guidelines on physical distance and hand washing.
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Face coverings are also required for people who work in an office or outside the company, when interacting with others or using rooms that are visited by other members of the public, regardless of whether or not someone is in the room at the same time. People who use public transport or shared vehicles such as Uber or Lyft must also wear face covers when passengers are present.
For public interiors, Californians also need to wear facewear when they are in line to enter this room. And anyone who is treated in a room that offers health services of any kind - including pharmacies - or where food is prepared or packaged must wear masks.
Persons with physical disabilities or mental illnesses who prevent the wearing of face coverings are excluded from the order. Children under the age of two do not have to wear facewear because of choking, and those who exercise outdoors and can stay 6 feet away from each other also do not need to wear them.
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