California to remove mask mandates as it prepares to fully reopen

A new poll by CBS News shows that 29% of adults surveyed will not get vaccinated or are choosing to do so. Now there is concern that the Delta variant of COVID-19 will become the dominant strain of the virus in the United States. Lilia Luciano has the latest.
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- Several major cities across the country ended their final COVID restrictions this weekend, and the state of California will join them soon.
Lilia Luciano from CBS is in Los Angeles. Lilia, good evening.
LILIA LUCIANO: Good evening, Errol.
Crowds are here, one of L.A.'s largest parks as the Golden State waits for the green light to reopen on Tuesday, but a return to normal has its roadblocks.
A busy Sunday in Los Angeles as COVID-weary California is less than 48 hours from mask lift and full reopening.
- It almost felt like that day wasn't coming.
- California did a great job.
LILIA LUCIANO: Washington D.C., Chicago and Philadelphia will reopen this weekend. But across the country, many places face obstacles to recovery.
This also includes fear of vaccination. The shots are more than 2/3 below the April high. A new CBS poll found that 29% of adults surveyed would not get vaccinated or still choose to do so.
And in Texas, a federal judge ruled against Houston Methodist Hospital staff who said they shouldn't be discharged for refusing to get vaccinated.
Another COVID problem, the Delta variant, could soon become the dominant strain in the US.
- It will keep spreading. It's worrying. It seems more transferable.
LILIA LUCIANO: COVID isn't the only challenge. The pandemic has finally crippled many businesses, and some that have survived face labor shortages.
- The thing is, we have a lot of problems with employees.
LILIA LUCIANO: How? What kind of problems?
- We can't find her. They come for a week, two weeks, a month, and then they leave.
- (SINGING) On Lake Michigan.
LILIA LUCIANO: A pandemic escape in Chicago delights the audience. For a year, 53-year-old Dan O'Conor jumps into the cool Lake Michigan every day.
Well, Errol, I haven't jumped anyone into Lake Balboa behind me, even though it's hot enough to be tempting. Now the Californians are celebrating the stroke of midnight on Tuesday, when the state finally reopens.
- All right. Lilia Luciano in L.A. Thank you.
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