Can We Talk About Jason Sudeikis?

Jason Sudeiki's Golden Globes
Yes, we need to talk about Jason Sudeikis.
The 45-year-old appeared at the Golden Globes via Zoom to accept the award for best actor for his work in Ted Lasso, arguably best dressed in a tie-dye hoodie, a luscious pain, and the kind of Big Divorcée Energy This is what made Ramy Youssef, the nominee for best actor, put on this face:
Seemingly disbelieving in his own victory, Sudeikis gave a long, aimless acceptance speech (what about "three questions"? His son Otis?), Which Don Cheadle unsubstantially encouraged him to give up halfway. Still, those of us who have loved him since the SNL (or just found out about him as coach Ted) ate it up. It's hard to say what exactly makes him look so adorable: his bloodshot eyes? His bags under the eyes? The fact that instead of buying a new fashion hoodie for his very first Golden Globes ceremony, he was wearing one that he'd been wearing for months while in quarantine? "Do you need a hug buddy?" said the internet (and me).
The past year has not been kind to our boy, unable to withstand the pandemic. In an exciting coincidence that imitates life, the Ted Lasso star announced his separation from his famous and hot partner, the director and actress Olivia Wilde, back in November. If that wasn't enough to get you to make him a cup of tea and rub your back, Wilde soon learned that he was dating 27-year-old Harry Styles, a celebrity who was so lucky , so highly fashionable, so universally loved, it's hard to imagine Jason even being insane. Easier, you know, super crazy.
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The Hoodie - Esquire paced it as a merch from the gym of Sudeikis' sister Forward Space, and yes, it's already sold out. So, his sad dad look was just Jason doing a cool thing for his sister, too. Another reason to stan the treasure with a touch of gold.
I've loved Jason since his SNL days when he played Man Whose Speaking Voice Is Actually a Yell. Despite all adversities, he made me laugh and charmed his way to the screen with We Are the Millers and The Angry Birds. But even after everything he's been through, tonight was finally Sudeikis' night. And if you need one, Jason, I'll be ready for a hug.
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