Canadian influencer pens powerful message to 'wear the clothes you love:' 'So needed'

Sarah Nicole Landry is better known on the internet as "The Birds Papaya". (Photo via Instagram/thebirdspapaya)
Sarah Nicole Landry talks about normalizing natural bodies - stretch marks, body fat and all.
The Canadian influencer, also known as The Birds Papaya, took to Instagram on Sunday to share a body-positive photo that encouraged her 2.2million followers to "wear the clothes you love."
In the post, the mother-of-four juxtaposed two photos — one with her bikini bottoms covering her lower bump and another showing her bottoms pulled down to reveal her "mother pooch" full of stretch marks.
"I know what your initial reaction might be. Because it's probably the same as mine. one is better One is worse. one is good one is bad One thing is flattering. “And that's where the rotation of our value begins, which is placed in one thing or another. A good one or a bad one. A better or a worse. A flattering one or a little unflattering one.”
"It creates a system that runs within us.⁣ One that is not disturbed by us, but by our own disguises and false beliefs," she continued. "One brings relief. One brings shame. You bring confidence. You tear it apart. ⁣You feel attractive. You feel unattractive.”
The content creator from Guelph, Ontario also explained that we need to break the "system" that makes us hate our bodies and start embracing our authentic selves.
"The system goes on and on until you realize... 'Loving your body isn't believing it looks good, it's knowing it's good no matter what it looks' - beauty redefined. Wear the clothes you love, rock them and your body in any way that feels right for you. "But be aware that if they come loose, don't call," Landry concluded.
Fans loved the body's positive message and praised Landry for being so vulnerable and transparent on social media.
"Thanks to you, I don't have negative body thoughts as often as I used to...both photos you've posted are beautiful and inspire me to love every side and corner of myself, inside and out. Thank you for being vulnerable and for opening up on Instagram," one fan told Landry.
"This message is really so important and so necessary," said another. "It's true, why shouldn't we wear the clothes we love? Who is stopping us?”
“I love you and all your posts! You are a great inspiration to all women! Thanks for being so real here when there are so many Instagram accounts that are clearly fake," commented one follower.
"You are a constant inspiration to me as I embark on my own journey of body acceptance," wrote another.
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