Candace Cameron Bure fought for the 'Fuller House' men to not come across as 'stupid' guys who the women would never marry

Candace Cameron Bure told insiders that she and the "Fuller House" actresses were pushing to ensure that Jimmy, Fernando, and Steve were men who wanted to marry their characters.
Warning: There are spoilers below for the latest episodes of "Fuller House".
Candace Cameron Bure told insiders that she and the "Fuller House" actresses have urged to ensure that the men on the show are not "stupid".
"I thought to myself, 'We don't want these women, who are all smart, intelligent, and loving women, to marry these men, who all seem stupid or sometimes just crazy," said Cameron Bure when he met the show's authors .
In previous seasons, the men often felt depressed or just a weird relief.
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Everything Candace Cameron Bure wanted to see did not make it into the last season of "Fuller House". But she and the other leading actresses struggled to ensure that the men who married her characters were written with greater care.
The women's request "not to make the men on our show stupid" was one of the things that Cameron Bure Insider said she was very proud to fight on the show.
"It was so important for us to show the audience why [DJ and Steve] fit together because we didn't know much about Steve except that he wrestled in high school and loved sandwiches," said Cameron Bure of Ensuring, that Steve was more than a one-dimensional character.
Much of the last season of the show helped highlight more men in D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy's life.
"It was a conversation that I had with the authors all season," she continued. "I said, 'We don't want these women, who are all smart, intelligent, loving women, to marry these men, who sometimes all seem either stupid or just crazy.'"
During the early seasons, men often seemed to be just that.
Fernando, Jimmy, and Steve were often exiled as a comic book relief to the three leading women in the series, D.J. (Cameron Bure), Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and Kimmy (Andrea Barber).
In previous seasons, Kimmy's ex Fernando looked like a narcissistic racing driver who cheated on his wife. In the last season we see how he made it his business to be a family man and become a US citizen.
Fernando was not the most personable character in "Fuller House".
Most of the show, Steve and Matt compete against each other, both for D.J. competed.
In season five, Steve spent more time with the D.J. children, cared for them, and gave them advice while making it clear that he would never replace their real father.
At the season one finale, both Steve and Matt D.J. if she knew who she wanted to be with.
Jimmy started the series in a motorhome as a freelance photographer. At the end of the show, he and Fernando buy a sandwich shop (with the help of Steve) as a franchise chain.
In the penultimate episode of the series, the series' leading men gathered for a bachelor party to thank Steve for having had a positive impact on their entire lives.
"I haven't won all of these battles, but we've seen why we love these men," said Cameron Bure. "Sometimes they preferred the comedy to the realism of the show, but we said, 'These are smart ladies. They won't marry stupid men, so we don't make them that way. Let's not make them stupid.' as if they had no idea, otherwise they would never be with them. '"
At the end of season five, you felt you understood Jimmy, Steve, and Fernando better.
The last nine episodes of "Fuller House" are streamed on Netflix.
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