Candytopia, The Candy-Themed Funhouse, Is Back And Feels Like A Real Life Willy Wonka Factory

Photo credit: Ni'Kesia Pannell
Hope you're ready for some sweet news because what I'm about to tell you really takes the cake. As someone who is a real candy fanatic (probably more than I should be, honestly!), I was very, very disappointed with myself that I didn't make it to Candytopia during his time in my area. Of course, when I heard it was finally back and making a stop in the Atlanta area, I knew it was time to shine. And the good people at Candytopia must have known that too, because they invited me to come out and see what it was about. Am I lucky or am I lucky?
For those of you who are new to it, Candytopia is a "fantastic fun factory" that is now considered my own oasis of confectionery happiness. Or in other words, a real version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Sounds like a dream right? Due to COVID-19, Candytopia was closed in April 2020. Now she's back though, making her first summer appearances in Philadelphia and Atlanta.
Photo credit: Ni'Kesia Pannell
What does this Candytopia round include? Well I'm here to tell you that it is indeed one of the best candy funhouses you will ever experience. And if you happened to experience all the fun it was before COVID-19, then you'll be happy to know that not much has changed in the way they work.
As soon as you enter the doors of the "candy-coated pop-up" you are greeted with a lot of fun. With singing and energetic dances from the super helpful ambassadors, the moment you step through the branded brass doors, you have no choice but to feel like a kid again. And yes, there is more than enough candy in each of the rooms to calm your sweet tooth.
Photo credit: Ni'Kesia Pannell
Speaking of candy, if you need confirmation that this exhibit is made of real candy, you can humbly assure me that every piece is actually made of real edible candy! While you can't eat them (and I wouldn't recommend it because - you know - gross), all the pieces on display are made from different types of candy and have signs nearby that tell what was used to make it and how long it was took, and how much candy it took - all the good things you dearly want to know.
Photo credit: Ni'Kesia Pannell
While I can now spend at least an hour or two telling you about each and every one of the dozen or more candy-filled environments, I'll spare you my excessive excitement and let you know that you can't go wrong visiting Candytopia. It doesn't matter which room you walk into, each of the 12+ candy-themed environments has something to delight you. I mean, there is even a sweetcorn and jelly bean fox! CANDY CORN, Y'ALL!
Photo credit: Ni'Kesia Pannell
But maybe my favorite room of all was the last room: the unicorn marshmallow pit. It was literally a dream come true for the kid inside me and if I could spend hours being buried under hundreds and hundreds of fake marshmallows, I definitely would have. I have no idea what it means to dive into a huge pit of slushy pieces of foam that makes you feel at home, but this really was the icing on the cake for a perfect day.
Photo credit: Ni'Kesia Pannell
If you're wondering how to deal with COVID, still adhere to CDC guidelines, with masks highly recommended but not mandatory for those who are fully vaccinated. There are also stations for hand disinfection in the entire showcase. And don't think that you can just show up at the door of that pop-up ticket. Reservations must be made online in advance. Ticket prices are $ 28 for adults, $ 20 for children ages 4 to 12, and free for children under three.
For more information about Candytopia and if / when it will be in your area, visit
Photo credit: Ni'Kesia Pannell
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