Capricorn Horoscope 2021: What the Stars Predict for You This Year

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Welcome to the year 2021, dear Capricorn. Their reputation as the hardest working zodiac sign is well known. You survived 2020 with your professional and personal life as intact as possible, thanks to the sheer power of your will. Like so many of us, you have compromised, experienced losses, and your outlook on life, politics, and relationships likely changed along the way. But you did it, you are here and you know what? 2021 is about doing (and getting) what you want.
Uranus will be in Taurus and your 5th House of Pleasure all year round. On Wednesday, February 17th, again on Monday, June 14th and finally on Friday, December 24th, the innovative planet will meet the responsible Saturn, your ruling planet, in Aquarius, in your 2nd house of wealth. This transit only happens every 22 and half a year, appropriately, marks periods in history when conservative thinking collides with more progressive politics. Everyone will be affected by this generational shift, and if we use it, it has the potential to heal some of the wounds caused by the events of 2020. But, dear Capricorn, what does it mean to you when your ruling planet is at the center? ? Here is the tea.
Find a balance between surviving and thriving as star alignment may be encouraging but astrology can't write you a check.
Capricorns often see success later in life when you slowly and steadily move towards your goals. You can be a tough ass at times and act a bit conservative when it comes to your approach to business. While this will keep you out of trouble, it sometimes also limits your potential. It's time to learn to take calculated risks. Increase your rate. Take on more projects that you creatively complete and say no to things that you know are causing more problems than are worth. When your house of pleasure meets your house of wealth, the stars are telling you that you will be rewarded for doing what makes you happy.
However, it's also important to realize that the pandemic has had a major impact on the economy, and this is a time when many of us have taken out loans, applied for unemployment, and welcomed any work we can get. Finding a balance between surviving and thriving is important as star alignment may be encouraging, but astrology cannot write a check to you.
Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, is retrograde from Monday April 27th through Wednesday October 6th in your sign, Capricorn and 1st House of Self. During this transit, notice patterns of behavior that are causing you problems and wonder why you are still doing them. For example, you tend to be persistent or to believe that you are always right. While these traits can be lovely to those who love you, they can also hold you back in your love life or career. Try to catch yourself as you immerse yourself in these patterns and get to the very root of it. There may be better ways to deal with your emotions.
The healing Jupiter is in Aquarius and in your 2nd financial house most of the year and gives you financial blessings. In particular, money-making opportunities that you closed in the past to please a partner, or because you lacked confidence at the time, may come back up. The happy planet briefly leaves Aquarius and enters the Pisces in your 3rd House of Communication from Thursday, May 13th to Wednesday, July 28th, before being stationed there for a year beginning Tuesday, December 28th. This data will help you speak up and ask about what you want and say no to what you don't.
Eclipses may be chaotic, Capricorn, but sometimes in a fun way.
There are three Mercury Retrogrades this year for you to take note of. The first is from Saturday 30 January to Saturday 20 February in Aquarius, the second from Saturday 29 May to Tuesday 22 June in Gemini and finally from Monday 27 September to Monday 18 October in Gemini the scales. There are bigger fish you can fry in 2021 than Mercury retrograde, but you want all the information. Mark these dates on your calendar. And please don't use these setbacks as excuses to get back together with the ex who refuses to leave your orbit. You broke up for a reason.
There is a lunar eclipse on Wednesday, May 26th in Sagittarius, a solar eclipse in Gemini on Thursday, June 10th, a lunar eclipse on Friday, November 19th in Taurus, and a solar eclipse on Saturday, December 4th also in Sagittarius . In particular, note the lunar eclipse on Friday November 19th in Taurus and your 5th house of pleasure. This day can bring welcome good professional news, and you can celebrate with hot sex or masturbating. Eclipses may be chaotic, Capricorn, but sometimes in a fun way.
Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and abundance, is declining in your sign and your 1st House of Self on Sunday December 19th, just before the Capricorn season begins on Tuesday December 21st. This retrograde Venus is all about you, sexy sea goat. The theme of 2021 so far has been to do what makes you happy and reap the rewards. As long as you've done that, these benefits should be felt. Have fun and see you next year.
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