Cardi B Debuted a French Manicure With Mile-Long White Tips

Cardi B is absolutely no stranger to bold nail looks. When the "WAP" singer presented her own dramatic take on the classic French manicure this week, we couldn't help but smile because she is just so inextricably linked with her.
The 28-year-old rapper showed off her latest nail look on Instagram, both in her grid and in her story, in a promotional video for Bellesa - a brand that makes sex toys exclusively for women. In the clip showing one of Bellesa's products, Cardi's nails are fully exhibited, and you can see that she went for ultra-long white tips rather than the traditional thin strip known to be associated with French manicure becomes.
The singer's super long tips definitely add a modern feel to the timeless nail look and it's unlike any style of French manicure we've seen this year. That being said, Cardi B is certainly not the only celebrity to experiment with the popular nail look in 2020. Stars like Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid and Kourtney Kardashian - to name a few - have all picked up on the trend and made it their own in one way or another.
While Cardi B didn't share who got her nails done, it's fair to assume that her longtime manicurist, Jenny Bui of Nails at the 7th Salon in New York City, was probably behind the epic look. If you want a similar effect at home, you'll need some extra long square acrylic nails (like this one from Amazon), as well as an opaque white nail polish like OPI's Alpine Snow. You may also want to get a fine line brush as this will help you get a really precise finish.
Needless to say, we love this fun take on French manicure and can't wait to see what other nail looks Cardi B is revealing before the end of the year.
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