Cardi B gave one of her biggest tattoos a makeover—see the before and after photos

A new day to reveal a new Cardi B tattoo. With at least nine well-known tattoos on her skin, the rapper is no stranger to ink - and it seems that her mentality when it comes to getting tattoos is "Go Big or Go Home". Just last month, Cardi B unveiled a huge mural of flowers and butterflies that ran down her back to the middle of her thigh. But today the Grammy winner showed an equally impressive act, and it's an update for one that fans know well.
Cardi B got her peacock tattoo 10 years ago before singing in sold-out stadiums - so fans immediately recognize the colorful art that runs down her thigh and waist. Unlike the dainty ink that many celebrities have recently adopted, Cardis peacock tattoo is bold, bright, and large - just like her personality. The rapper showed off her unique ink on Rolling Stone's cover in 2018, but now the notorious tattoo is bigger and bolder than ever.
Today, June 15th, Cardi B posted photos of her peacock tattoo transformation side by side on Instagram.
“After ten years, I redesigned my peacock tattoo. Have I spent hours all week getting pain? Thanks @jamie_schene, ”she wrote the post.
The tattoo artist Jamie Schene also published the transformation on his Instagram account and revealed that he had been working on Cardi's piece for seven days in a row. There are a lot of needles on the skin.
"You are strength and determination is inspiring. (To be tattooed 7 days in a row is not a joke?)" Schene labeled his contribution.
Schene not only brightened up the existing features of Cardi's original peacock tattoo, but also added many other intricate details and bold colors. Schene also designed Cardi's floral back tattoo (which took a total of 60 hours, NDB). Both tattoos have symbols similar to flowers and butterflies.
What better time than quarantine to renew your tattoos? We can't wait to see what Cardi B adds to their collection next.

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