Cardi B Meets Giant Python, Says She's Not 'as Scared of' Snakes After One 'Peed' on Her Face

Cardi B comes into contact with her wild side.
The Grammy-winning artist recently visited the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar, California for a new episode of her messenger series Cardi Tries__. In the middle, the veterinarian Dr. Evan Antin presented several unusual animals to the rapper and her guest, fellow musician Chloë Bailey.
PEOPLE has an exclusive look into the exotic new episode in which Cardi B encounters a giant reticulated python - the longest species of snake in the world. While many may be terrified to encounter such a huge reptile, Cardi B remains calm in Cardi Tries__.
"The music video 'WAP' didn't scare me that much," explains rapper "Bojack Yellow" in the clip, referring to her music video with Megan Thee Stallion, in which both artists are covered in snakes.
"It peed on Megan's faces and me," adds Cardi B of a misbehaving reptile.
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Cardi B is a little less calm in the second foretaste of the new episode of Cardi Tries __. In the clip, Dr. Antin, giving an armadillo to the mother of two, and Cardi B screams funny in response.
On their trip to the Wildlife Learning Center, Cardi B and Bailey also meet a red tegu, eagle owl, American alligator, sub-Saharan African sulcata turtle, and porcupine that Dr. Help Antin with the investigation.
The center is just one of the fascinating places where Cardi Tries __ took his title star with him, who often takes her glamor troupe and celebrity friends on adventures. Cardi B also tried ballet, cooking, ranching, and more for the series.
Cardi B freaks out with an armadillo
To complete Cardi B's entire visit to the Wildlife Learning Center with Dr. To see Antin, check out the new episode Cardi Tries __ on Watch Together via Messenger, Instagram or Facebook Watch.
To watch Cardi Tries__ with a friend on Instagram or Messenger, start a video chat, tap the media button in the lower right corner of Instagram, or swipe up to access the menu in Messenger, select "Watch Together," and look for Cardi Tries __. You can also watch the episode on Facebook Watch via Cardi B's official Facebook page.
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