Cardinals' Adam Wainwright shares a message for Mets fans: 'Hopefully, they don't hate me too much'

Adam Wainwright
The name of Adam Wainwright will always come to mind to Mets fans.
With a pitch, a domed curveball that Carlos Beltran could not operate, Wainwright put an end to the Mets' hopes for the championship in 2006 and impressed the crowd at Shea Stadium.
The then 25-year-old right-handed, who was serving as Cardinals at the time, got Beltran to come out of a base-laden square in ninth, preserve the Cardinals' 3-1 victory and send them off to the fall Classic they won in five games.
When Wainwright spoke to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post about his job at the FS1 playoff booth, he ended the conversation by offering Mets fans an olive branch.
"Please greet the Met fans. Tell them, no hard feelings, ”Wainwright told The Post. "Katz's Deli is one of my favorite places ever. Being there to eat this incredible food and experience life there are some of my favorite days every year. No hard feelings. Hopefully they don't hate me too much."
A nice touch, sure, but one that will most likely not be reciprocated. It's probably nothing personal, but if a pitcher is putting the finishing touches to the end of a team's 97-65 season, it's unlikely that Mets fans will be ready to step on Wainwright's side anytime soon.
Still going strong for St. Louis, 39 year old Wainwright has an ERA of 3.15 in 10 starts this season. The three-time all-star has a career of 3.38 ERA with a regular season record of 167-98. In 14 regular season appearances against the Mets, Wainwright is below 0.500 with a 5-6 record and 4.72 ERA.
But that one pitch in October 2006 will always make him a villain in the Mets lore.

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