Carjacker snatches truckload of golden retriever puppies at gunpoint

First, let's fast-forward to the most important question: No puppies were injured in the making of this stupid-criminal story.
Well, back to the beginning, a Bay Area man with a litter of Golden Retriever puppies for sale agreed to a public meeting with a prospective buyer in Hayward, California. The potential buyer turned out to be an actual car thief who pulled a gun, no less, and asked the puppy seller to surrender his Chevy Avalanche. The shooter jumped in and drove away - with puppies still in, much like some car thieves drive away with children in their car seats. It wasn't long before the police picked up the chase and the puppy jacket managed to throw the avalanche on the roof. He fled on foot, which did not take long. Chase, perpetrators arrested.
In his Facebook post, PD Hayward says the three pups were recovered from the rubble and "were a little churned but comforted by officials". We bet on both counts.
The suspect is being held in Santa Rita County Jail on charges of car theft, vehicle evasion, animal endangerment, possession of narcotics and weapons, police said.
What is unclear in this story is the motive. Did the thief need some kind of transportation or did he have a special shine from the avalanche? Or was he after the puppies all the time? During the pandemic, pet demand exploded, as did prices. (You will remember Lady Gaga's handler being shot stealing her precious French Bulldogs in April.) And what's more desirable than a double handful of fluffy, rolly-polly Golden Retriever puppies? Nothing - although these particular pups were more like kittens, maybe 6 or 8 months old from what the photos looked like. Still nice dogs.
Pets have become expensive anyway. And after the pandemic, used car prices also skyrocketed. We're not sure which is worth more, the truck-like Avalanche thing or the pups. Except the pups are cuter.

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