Carmelo Anthony off the bench: 'It's just come in and play ball -- like I've been doing'

Carmelo Anthony, the sixth man in the Trail Blazer, "It Just Come In And Play Ball", originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest
As everyone knows, Carmelo Anthony is set to take on a new role with the Portland Trail Blazers this season. He will not be in the spotlight on the pitch when the starting grid is presented.
He's going to come off the bank later, a sixth man after all these years starring and starting out. But don't confuse it with someone who worries about it.
"I don't even think about it at this point," he said on Monday after training. “It's like it's happening. What's cool is that I've already accepted it. It's nothing to look back on.
“Wednesday is the start (in the regular season), right? So that's what I'm focusing on. "
Many veteran players asked to play the same role have fallen off the bench and kicked the ball from the moment they touch it. Immediate insult. Does Melo plan to duplicate this scenario?
"I'm just going to duplicate what I've done," he said. “Just play my game and whatever the outcome, it will play out.
“I know what I can do. I know what else I can do. And I know the game - I know how to play the game. "
And so he will do what he always does - read the situations and try to do what needs to be done.
"I know when to be aggressive and when to not be aggressive." he said. "So, you know, my thing is just figuring out the flow of the game."
It's a veteran approach.
"I'll keep doing what I did - play basketball and enjoy it," he said. “If I start thinking about everything I have to do with this 'coming off the bench' or the second session, it will mess up my mind.
“But with that said, it just comes in and plays ball. It's no different than if I were a beginner with the same mindset and approach playing ball - and we go from there. "
Sounds good. Let's just go from there and see where it all ends.

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