Carolyn Aronson, It's a 10 Haircare CEO, Is Pregnant at 53: 'Can't Wait to Meet My Little Girl'

It's a 10 Carolyn Aronson and family
Just like her business, Carolyn Aronson's family continues to grow!
It's a 10 Haircare CEO, 53, is pregnant and expecting a girl she confirms exclusively to PEOPLE.
"That pregnancy was something my husband Jeff and I really wanted, and we loved it when we found out," Carolyn, who shares four children with her husband, told PEOPLE.
"He was with me when I took the pregnancy test and first looked at the results so he could film my reaction. The video is so cute and now I can look back on it over and over," she adds.
The good news came as a big surprise to her children too. "We waited until I was about 12 weeks after my pregnancy to tell my kids so we knew everything was going well and the baby was healthy," she explains. "Jeff and I have a mixed family of four children and the oldest is 20, so you certainly weren't expecting the news!"
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It's a 10 Jeff and Carolyn Aronson
It's a 10 Carolyn Aronson
How the pregnancy has treated her so far, says the mother-to-be, who is over 20 weeks old, that things are "going even better than expected!"
"As an expectant mom in my fifties, I'm thrilled to be about halfway through and feeling great," she says, adding that her little girl is "perfectly fine."
"I can't wait to meet my little girl," she continues. "I am definitely a mother-of-girl and love helping my daughters become powerful and wonderful young women."
One thing the couple still have to do? Decide on a name for your little girl.
"We haven't landed on a name yet," Carolyn tells PEOPLE. "We started calling her Bean, and that nickname really caught on, even though it's the size of a cucumber. Sometimes my husband even calls her Bean in Spanish: frijole!"
"We know we're looking for a name that is a combination of traditional and creative with a bit of flair," she explains.
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It's a 10 Carolyn Aronson sonogram
While there are many milestones that come with motherhood, Carolyn says she looks forward to "just meeting her" most of all.
"The first moment you look at her is so special because it is the beginning of everything," she tells PEOPLE. "It's such an indescribable moment that is a hundred times more powerful than you think. It's a whole new level of love that will change your life forever, no matter how many children you have."
And when it comes to balancing kids and careers, Carolyn has learned a thing or two over the years.
"There are a couple of keys to balancing motherhood and career, but the most important thing is being very honest with yourself," she says. "It's so important to realize when you need a break, when you have some time to work, when you need help, and when you just need a good time with your family. Women don't have to and don't have to do everything." I don't have to feel bad! "
"Being pregnant and being a young mother can be physically and mentally demanding, so women should over-communicate with their co-workers and have a system in which to get your work done even when it is odd hours," she said continues. “The best time to get some work done is when the baby is sleeping or when someone else is watching. When you are with your baby, this is your special time to become a mother, bond with your baby, and enjoy the time you have! ""

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