Carson declines to back Trump's claim on being best president for African Americans since Lincoln

Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, declined on Sunday to support President Donald Trump's claim that he had done more for the African American community than any other president since Abraham Lincoln. The debate is "not productive".
"Quarreling about who was most likely to do is probably not productive, but it's good to acknowledge the things that have been done," Carson said in ABC's "This Week".
Carson, pushed by ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos to Trump's allegation, said it was "important for us to acknowledge what happened in the past," while promoting Trump's report on criminal justice reform and funding historically black colleges and universities.
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JUST IN: In an interview with @GStephanopoulos, Ben Carson, Secretary of State for Housing and Urban Development, rejects President Trump's claim that he has been the best president of black America since Abraham Lincoln.
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1:07 p.m. - June 14, 2020
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"We should be ready to look at what we have done together to make progress," he said.
MORE: Trump Postpones Tulsa Rally From June 19 to June 20 "Out of Respect"
Carson, the only African American cabinet secretary in the Trump administration, also praised the president's decision to reschedule his planned rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 19. This is also the anniversary of a bloody massacre of African Americans by a white mob in Tulsa in 1921 - one of the worst episodes of violence against black Americans in the country's history.
"It is probably good to have moved it," said Carson, who noted that he was talking to Trump about the rescheduling rally and was "pleasantly surprised" by how much he knew about Juneteenth, which ended slavery in the United States United States recalls.
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HUD secretary Ben Carson tells @gstephanopoulos that he spoke to President Trump about the campaign rally originally planned in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 19: "It is probably good to have postponed it."
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1:24 p.m. - June 14, 2020
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MORE: Ben Carson interferes in Trump's feud with Dems at the Baltimore press conference
He also declined to answer questions about new plans for Trump to accept the Republican Party nomination for president in Jacksonville, Florida, on the 60th anniversary of Ax Handle Saturday, "when white men ax-struck black teenagers against a lunch counter Separation.
"Some of our prestigious universities have a slave trade relationship. Should we rename these universities?" he said. "After a while it gets really ridiculous and we have to grow up as a society."
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"We have to move away from being offended by everything, going through history and looking at everything, renaming everything," Carson says when asked if it is appropriate for Trump to mark the Ax Handle Saturday anniversary gives a congress speech.
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1:29 p.m. - June 14, 2020
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