Caught on camera: Pickup driver unplugs Tesla while owner naps

A few years ago, there were some reports of a trend called "ICEing," in which drivers of internal combustion engine vehicles -- mostly pickup trucks -- blocked Tesla Superchargers and other public electric vehicle charging stations. No doubt that's a real jerk, and at least one truck owner got his comeuppance ("up" is the operative part of that word). Unfortunately, ICEing or something along those lines may still be going on.
A Redditer by the name of OrdinarySpecialist38, who owns a Tesla Model 3, posted a video on Reddit showing the driver of a heavy-duty pickup truck pulling up next to the Tesla, which was plugged into a charging station in Ontario. This all went down while the owner was napping in the car while it charged. The video recorded while the Tesla was in sentry mode then shows the pickup driver approaching the Tesla. He grabs the charging cable before the security system shuts down, but the awakened Tesla owner said the guy was messing with the plug before the owner screamed and scared him away.
OrdinarySpecialist38 asks in his Reddit post, "Does anyone know the incentives for this behavior?" Commenters speculate that the truck owner is upset by high fossil fuel prices and is taking it out on a vehicle they aren't using. Good theory, but then again, if this is part of the ICEing mindset, this phenomenon is several years old and arose well before the current global rise in oil prices.
There was speculation when ICEing received attributions that pickup truck drivers might view Teslas as toys of "bright" rich people who pose a threat to internal combustion engine vehicles. The rich perspective ignores the fact that many pickups cost more than a Tesla. And today we know that the real threat to internal combustion engine pickups comes from EV pickups like the Ford F-150 Lightning.
ICEing doesn't just happen with Teslas, but we suspect a holier-than-thou mood from a few Tesla proselytizers online isn't exactly building bridges to the truck nuts crowd.
Come on. The truck owner here must have thought the tailpipe was particularly clever. As Bugs Bunny would say, "What a maroon":
ICEing was a perceived problem enough that Tesla was experimenting with ways to combat it, including an app that would unlock blocking devices sticking out of the sidewalk. That was in China, which perhaps suggests it's not just an American problem.
Whatever the motivation for the Ontario incident - a prank, a car prank, a truck tribalism/terrorism - the same answer applies: the perpetrator here would certainly have been angry if someone had touched his truck. So how about we all just mind our own business? Live and let live. Golden Rule.
Avoid each other and don't touch other people's stuff.
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