‘Causes Massive Blood Clots’: Houston Woman Charged In the Death of St. Louis Mother of Three Following Botched Surgical Procedure

Lisa Fernandez, a self-proclaimed beauty consultant based in Houston, Texas, was arrested last week for illegally giving silicone injections to a St. Louis woman who later died as a result of the procedure.
Fernandez was charged with manslaughter, according to KHOU-TV, after he was arrested last Tuesday, November 16, for the death of Marja McClendon in 2018 after prosecutors alleged the 38-year-old had moved to St. Louis Traveled to city of Texas to receive her first round of injection at Fernandez 'apartment on April 24, 2018.
McClendon had reportedly complained after becoming ill after the procedure and was demanding a refund from Fernandez, but the 47-year-old reportedly declined. Since the woman, who has since passed away, could not get her money back, she returned the next day for her second round of injections.
Lisa Fernandez, of Houston, Texas, was charged with the death of the mother of three in St. Louis after she died three years ago from botched surgery. Photo: Screenshot / FOX 26 Houston YouTube Page
According to the news channel, an unidentified witness told authorities that the self-proclaimed beauty consultant paused several times throughout the procedure because McClendon was in severe pain. She reportedly had difficulty breathing and began to spit blood.
McClendon went to the emergency room but reportedly left before her medical exam was completed, according to court documents from KHOU-TV. When she returned to Missouri, she attended Saint Louis University Hospital, where she later died on April 30, 2018. The medical investigators concluded that the woman died of a "silicone pulmonary embolism," which is a blockage of a blood vessel.
McClendon's uncle Calvin Arnold told ABC13 that the mother of three "loved her children". He added, "She was just an open-minded person, loved to have fun and she loved her family."
The US Food and Drug Administration says that "injectable silicone is permanent and stays in your body". Dr. Matthew Greives of UTHealth Houston / Memorial stated that silicone wasn't approved by the agency because it “travels in your bloodstream to your heart and lungs, causing a massive blood clot. And consists of silicone in the lungs and is fatal in many cases. "
Two of McClendon's children are now being cared for by their sister Deshonna Arnold. "I was the mother, the aunt and all that. It was really difficult," she told the news network before explaining that her sister was not having an operation for the first time.
“She's done it before in Houston. So this wasn't her first visit here, but apparently it was her last, ”she added.
Fernandez has been linked to McClendon's death after confessing to what she did and later admitting that she was not allowed to drive when stopped for driving without her license last week. The public prosecutor said that she had been carrying out these procedures illegally from home since 2004. Harris County's assistant district attorney pleaded with Fernandez's other potential victims to come forward.
“We are concerned - because this is a trend towards buttock injections now - that there may be other victims. We encourage everyone who has had buttock injections to come forward, "Harris County Assistant District Attorney Nancy Ta said during a press conference.
Fernandez appeared in court the day after her arrest, where a judge set her bail at $ 40,000 and ordered her not to perform unlicensed medical or cosmetic procedures. She was denied a personal bond. The FDA has reportedly opened an investigation into Fernandez's crimes.
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