CBC Chair Rep. Joyce Beatty on attending inauguration: I won’t be ‘bullied’

EXCLUSIVE: Inauguration Day is a time of great anticipation and transformation. However, this year is one of the most dangerous times in the nation
Inauguration day is a time of great anticipation and transformation. However, this year is one of the most dangerous times in the nation as we pause for the peaceful transfer of power. The Federal Quadrant of Washington, DC has a military presence that is synonymous with wartime.
There are reports that at least 12 members of the National Guard have been removed from the dedication patrols. Ten were removed because of the FBI review process, and two more were taken off duty for inappropriate text messaging and email. There are 25,000 soldiers in DC to protect attendees at the inauguration after the deadly and unprecedented uprising on Capitol Hill on January 6th.
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The tiered ladder of concurrent concern at this inauguration revolves around threatened seditious behavior that has some congress leaders fearful to attend the ceremony.
Congresswoman Joyce Betty, the chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, tells the grio that she is "going to Kamala".
"I am going!" she says exuberantly.
Ohio Congressman Joyce Beatty
Former Senator Kamala Harris will become the first woman, black American, and South Asian person to serve as Vice President of the United States, to take the oath of office. Your swearing in will be a historic elevation to one of the highest bureaus in the country.
Congresswoman Beatty walks on what she believes is a momentous day with two guests ready to attend the inauguration amid the clouds of dangerous uprising and COVID-19.
Her guests include Melanie Campbell from the Black Women's Roundtable and Marc Morial from the National Urban League. She acknowledges the Inauguration Day fear and admits that as of January 6th, some CBC members are "scared" and "traumatized". However, Beatty says she will be there in support of Harris and for "our democracy".
"I'm not bullied," she adds.
The fear of what might come is palpable. Texas Congressman Al Green plans to attend the Hill ceremony, however, as he recalls the death threats against his own life after initiating impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump in 2019 that was ultimately filed.
Rep Al Green (D-TX) (Photo by Samuel Corum / Getty Images)
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In his Capitol Hill office, the congressman complains, "At some point in life you have to find something that you just want to fight for regardless of the odds. So I'll be there because I won't let them drag me into hiding."
Security is the key. When it comes to protecting the Capitol, Beatty, the new head of the CBC, says, "But there is a good process, April, and the fact that they are sorting out people ... they find people talking with fake IDs, people who pretend Being part of the National Guard or a Capitol Police officer volumes volumes about the work they have done over all those five or six lives that have been lost the past week.

She adds: "And it is also good that the acting police chief is a sister."
That acting police chief is Yogananda Pittman, a Morgan State University graduate who was deputy chief of police on Capitol Hill.
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