CBS Sued by 'NCIS: New Orleans' Actors Claiming Robbery Scene Almost Got Them Killed

Actors who portrayed robbers stealing jewelry for an episode of NCIS: New Orleans have filed a lawsuit against CBS. They claimed things got off track when * real * cops with * real * guns showed up and nearly killed them.
TMZ reports that the lawsuit in Los Angeles was filed against the network by two actors who played the scene, in addition to the real owner of the jewelry store. Plaintiffs have accused CBS of leading them into a guerrilla-style scene where they armed and robbed the store in broad daylight. They go on to claim that CBS did not get proper permits to film and that local police officers were not given advance notice of what was going to take place.
The trio says that they were approached by the show's producers about the scene in October 2017 and that they would do so because they believed it would be a normal television shoot.
They say CBS didn't let the police and jewelry store business know what was going on. TMZ writes that the event in question took place "in the middle of a busy New Orleans mall".
The suit states that an owner of a store next to the jeweler called 911 after watching the actors emerge from an unmarked van wearing ski masks and carrying realistic assault rifles before shouting, "This is a heist!"
You can understand why this could have been alarming.
The actors say police officers quickly came into the store and pointed their actual guns at the performers.
The three claim that they are traumatized by the events of that day and continue to deal with the resulting emotional stress. You are demanding compensation.
In response, CBS tried to kick the suit out of the California court. They claim that the event took place in Louisiana and therefore the case should be filed there. In response, lawyers for the plaintiffs say California is the place to go in case the show is being produced by CBS in Los Angeles.
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