CDC head warns pregnant women with COVID-19 face greater risks

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Pregnant women are at increased risk of severe COVID-19 compared to women who are not pregnant, the head of U.S. disease prevention centers, Robert Redfield, told reporters and on Thursday warned that states with increasing coronavirus cases must do so.
The CDC has found that pregnant women are admitted to the intensive care unit and mechanically ventilated more often than non-pregnant women, he said.
The agency said that pregnant women had no higher risk of death. The added report does not yet have data on how COVID-19 affects the results of these pregnancies.
Redfield said that more infections among young people are partly due to an increase in the diagnosis of diseases in this group, whose members are less likely to be hospitalized than older people.
The agency can use the social media platform TikTok to try to reach out to young people with warnings, to keep 6 feet away, to wear face covering and to avoid large gatherings.
"These hotspots we see ... they're significant. And we need to respond," said Redfield, pointing to increasing hospitalizations in Arizona and Texas.
While COVID-19 cases have decreased in states like New York and New Jersey, the corona virus has increased in the south and west as states have reopened restaurants and shops. Many of these new cases have occurred in young people, he said.
The CDC said that people with serious cardiovascular and kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, obesity, sickle cell disease, immunodeficient condition are most at risk from organ transplantation and type 2 diabetes. People with high blood pressure are also at risk, but less at risk.

(Reporting by Caroline Humer in New York and Manojna Maddipatla in Bengaluru; editing by Aurora Ellis)

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