Charlotte Police Seize Street Racers’ Cars

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This time they really dropped the hammer ...
Police in Charlotte, North Carolina have been warning against fighting street racing for some time, and now we are seeing the fruits of that focus. An official press release from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police force said they had seized 60 cars in just 6 months and cited drivers for nearly 3,500 traffic violations. The message is clear: if you want to engage in street racing or other illegal activities, including street takeovers, stay away from Charlotte.
See how bad the situation was in Charlotte a few months ago.
Like so many other cities in the United States (and other countries), Charlotte has seen a surge in organized illegal crimes involving cars. These can range from street races to street takeovers where a group of hundreds closes a block, intersection, or parking lot and then conduct burnouts and other exhibitionist activities with their vehicles. Innocent bystanders can be hurt, not to mention those attending these events. Property damage, drug trafficking, assault, and other crimes are also common.
Image credit: CMPD
There were several police forces in the area who together brought about this crackdown on street races. After complaints about dangerous situations on public roads were filed last fall, police officers said the situation had moved from "minor traffic violations" to "levels of creating a major threat to public safety". Then the gloves took off. In addition to targeting street races, the police also pursued overly aggressive drivers.
During the street cleaning, CMPD worked with the Mecklenburg District Public Prosecutor's Office to bring charges against the grand jury against 54 suspects. Arrest warrants were issued for prearranged races that enabled officers to track down and arrest these people.
Image credit: CMPD
If you or someone you know was involved in the Charlotte area underground street racing or street takeover scene, don't breathe a sigh of relief when police officers haven't visited you recently. Law enforcement has identified approximately 300 additional people who either participated in or observed illegal events. Instead of being arrested and having their car confiscated, these people receive a warning letter in the mail detailing the charges they may face if they don't stop breaking the law. While it would be great if everyone would listen and be wise, we know some people will think they can outsmart the cops so they'll likely get the special wristbands, take a trip to jail, and have their drive towed away.
The CMPD Transportation Division identified a problem area for organized road racing that officers first hit hard. From there, they identified other areas where events were happening and went to work. Given that we are against road racing, especially in traffic where the lives of countless other people are at risk, it's great to see law enforcement sending a clear message to anyone who thinks these types of activities are cool.
Image credit: CMPD
Funnily enough, the press release linked CMPD to 2 YouTube videos about illegal street races / street takeover activities. Both videos have been deleted from the internet, but it's funny how people think they can post their illegal actions on YouTube and the police won't find them.
CMPD has also requested that anyone in the Charlotte, North Carolina area who has information about illegal car-related activity should call 911 to report it. If they want to remain anonymous, they can report the information to Crime Stoppers instead.
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