Chauvin prosecutor Keith Ellison makes a powerful call for “the work of our generation”

"Since the investigation and prosecution of this case began last May, everyone involved has pursued one goal: justice," Minnesota's Attorney General Keith Ellison said at a press conference after former police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of two murders and one manslaughter in the murder of George Floyd. In his speech, Ellison thanked his team of "all of the Michael Jordans" who worked tirelessly and collaborated in the pursuit of a common goal, the community that kept the prosecutors working patiently and, despite the urgency of the trial, gathered all the necessary evidence, and the jury, that delivered the sentence. Most effectively, Ellison borrowed a description from Attorney Jerry Blackwell when he thanked the Ostrich, composed of witnesses who tried to stop Chauvin from murdering Floyd, recorded the crime, and testified in court, and that did what Ellison called. A simple but profound act of courage - they were telling the truth and they were telling the whole world the truth about what they saw. "

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