Chet Holmgren refuse to give medical information to Magic and Thunder, per Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report draft expert Jonathan Wasserman dropped some interesting and conflicting information during a live stream on Wednesday, in which he said he heard Gonzaga forward Chet Holmgren didn't share his medical records with the Orlando Magic or Oklahoma City Thunder have passed on.
Magic and Thunder are the top two teams selected in the 2022 NBA draft, and Wasserman suggests Holmgren's failure to give teams his full medical access could mean he could drop the draft.
“There are some questions about his medicine. I've been told - I've heard mixed things. I was also told that he did not take his medication to Orlando or Oklahoma City. We'll find out if that matters. But it's possible that one of the top three will slip to fourth, in my opinion it's Chet. Just because of the medicine. There will be doctors asking — there are some questions about whether he did the heart test with the NBA. I don't know for sure, so I don't want to say he didn't. But there will definitely be some doctors who think there is too much risk with number one. So he's certainly an option - a candidate to slip up when there's going to be a slider. And Jaden Ivey would be the guy to make the top three.”
While Wasserman has reported this, other NBA insiders such as ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported the opposite and that Holmgren only provided his medicine for Magic and Thunder.
Who knows who's telling the truth, but Wojnarowski is basically gospel when it comes to his reporting, so I lean more towards him than Wasserman in this case.
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Anyhow, things will shake at the draft on Thursday night when the thunder is on the clock and Holmgren will likely be there.
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