Chevy SS Sedan Comes Supercharged

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That's a great sleeper ...
We're big fans of the now-dead Chevrolet SS sedan, the car with an indescribable name and loud exterior design that flew so much under the radar. For those who didn't know, the car was actually an imported Holden Commodore with a bow tie. Although it has four doors in what may seem like a capital offense to some enthusiasts, this thing is really a performance machine. We'd even call it a muscle car because it sure feels like that.
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Even in its factory form, the SS limousine is a total sleeping car. We love to modify these and take them to an even higher level of performance, like in the video for this article. To put people off even more, the owner used Holden badges, which most Americans would not recognize. It is possible for people to think it was a strange European car, but almost no one would guess that it is almost as powerful as it is. Maybe the LSA badge is giving away something.
Photo credit: YouTube
Thanks to an LSA compressor, this SS sedan now pushes around 650 hp to the wheels when the E-85 is in operation. The LS3 V8 makes 415 hp without this forced induction, which is a big boost. He could have driven more aggressively, but this car is a daily driver and needs to be comfortable too. Given that it is a full size sedan with comfortable leather seats and plenty of rear legroom, this is part of owning an SS sedan.
Just like the owner says in the video, a lot of people think the SS sedan is a Malibu or Impala because the styling is similar and you don't see many of them. The great thing about a car like this is that people aren't trying to race you all the time, but you have a lot of power when you want to use it, like on a track.
Check out the video to see this Chevy really rip apart and hear that compressor.
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