Chevy Tri-Five Plays With LS Power

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Even people who aren't into the tri-fives will be impressed with this car.
We see a lot of Chevy Tri-Fives and understand that some people absolutely love them while others think they are overrated and / or exaggerated. However, this LS assisted example is something that everyone should agree is impressive.
Photo credit: YouTube
Instead of taking a junk car, the owner started Matt off with a perfectly good tri-five, a move some would consider insane. Instead of keeping the stock engine and iconic red and white exterior, he decided to create a Restomod masterpiece.
This car was built for speed thanks to a 525 hp LS3 under the hood. A Borla exhaust gives off a nice baritone rumble that goes perfectly with the look of this ride. Interestingly, Matt kept the bearing frame, but reinforced it to handle the extra force. Thanks to air suspension, this Chevy can go low or high depending on the situation.
Photo credit: YouTube
It's not just the power that's great about this Chevy. Some of the body panels are matte black, the other body panels and trim panels are all gloss black, so you'll notice subtle contrasts when the lighting changes. This is also a way to keep the two-tone look of the original while all you have a black car. This scheme almost completely hides the fact that it is actually a four-door model. Yellow lenses on the fog lights contribute to the unique effect, while the OE taillights have red and clear lenses.
This black color theme continues throughout the interior, making sure this is not a car that you park in the sun on a summer day. The dashboard is pretty standard so there are a lot of vintage details that unfortunately are often obliterated when people do restomods. The steering wheel is of course aftermarket and has paddle shifters, so there's that contrast between new and old.
As with any good build, there are all sorts of cool details on this car, from the big Raceline wheels to the shaved door handles. Matt took this car, which he calls the Matte Black Unicorn, to events in Southern California. With all of these social things going down, you may have a chance to see this tri-five in person.
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