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HISTORY: China reported a record number of COVID-19 infections on Thursday (November 24).
31,444 new local cases on Wednesday - breaking the previous peak set on April 13, when the commercial hub of Shanghai was locked down for two months.
Now cities across the country are imposing localized lockdowns, mass testing and other restrictions that are clouding the outlook for the world's second-biggest economy.
The streets of Chaoyang, the capital's most populous area, were increasingly empty this week.
Sanlitun, a high-end shopping district, was almost silent on Thursday save for the whirr of delivery drivers' e-bikes bringing meals for those working from home.
The surge in infections is dampening investor hopes that China will soon ease its rigid zero-COVID policy that is battering the economy alongside a downturn in the property market.
It has been almost three years since the pandemic first emerged in downtown Wuhan.
The restrictions have also taken a toll on China's increasingly frustrated residents, like this Beijing local.
"Only when the COVID-19 restrictions are eased can people lead normal lives. Otherwise everything stands still. How many people have the savings to support them when things are constantly at a standstill? And even if you have money to stay home every day, that's not real life, which lingers to your last breath."
While official infection numbers are low by global standards, China is trying to stamp out every chain of infection, making it a global outlier.
China's leadership is sticking to its zero-COVID policy, which includes some of the world's toughest restrictions, and says it's necessary to save lives and prevent the medical system from being overwhelmed.
Factory production was hit by the measures, including the world's largest iPhone factory, which was rocked by violent clashes between workers and security guards in a rare display of dissent.
Acknowledging the pressure on the economy, the cabinet said China will cut banks' cash reserves in a timely manner and use other monetary policy tools to ensure there is enough liquidity, state media reported on Wednesday.

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