Chip & Joanna Gaines Confront The Mistakes They've Made in Teaching Kids About Race

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When former NFL professional Emmanuel Acho released the first episode of his video series Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man earlier this month, Chip Gaines said he had gathered Ms. Joanna Gaines and her five children to watch and discuss. Two weeks later, the family appeared in the third episode to deal with their "blind" spots about racism and what they are doing to change.
In the new video, Acho says when he turned to Chip, he said, "I brought my whole family of seven together because I saw the LA riots 30 years ago and these riots 30 years later and I won't let it happen again . "
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We will leave aside the fact that it is not too helpful to call the current, mostly peaceful protests against Black Lives Matter "riots" and focus on the goodness of this quote. This is the first time that many prominent whites have stopped to listen to the blacks and ask what they can do differently. Matthew McConaughey sat down with Acho last week to do this. Now it's the turn of the Gaines family, and they first know how to teach their children how to race.
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Thanks Emmanuel. The Gains family is listening.
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Emmanuel Acho

Dear whites,
For days you've been asking me what you can do to help. I finally found an answer.

Let go of your guard and listen.
12:17 p.m. - June 3, 2020
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"Chip and I were talking and this whole idea of ​​this color blind thing came up and Chip said," You know, I'm proud, I think our children are color blind, "said Joanna, who is half Korean." And then we have started pushing that back, and I think our question to you is, what's the best way to get this conversation going? "
True to the title of his show, Acho made a rather uncomfortable analogy about how he didn't grow up with dogs, but had a sister who was connected by one. Now he is afraid of all dogs and does not know the difference between a dangerous and a pet. (Not the comparison we would choose, but OK.)
"I think if we don't see color, if we don't expose our children to different colors and races, it will be the same as if a white child grows up and is unable to tell the difference between a black man who is a threat and to decrypt a black man who is only black, ”said Acho. "A black person cannot distinguish between a white person who is a racist and a white person who is only white and who may be racially ignorant."
It would be really nice if this wasn't the only choice, but that's where he sees things right now.
"I think there's a strength, it's a beauty to see color," Acho continued. "I don't like the concept of color blindness because colors and cultures are beautiful."
An even better moment on the show comes when 10-year-old Emme asks a question that most adults wouldn't dare: "Are you afraid of whites?"
"I love that about children," laughed Acho. "Emme, it's a phenomenal question. I'm not afraid of whites. I am careful with whites. "
This time he compared black and white to water and electricity. They can coexist, but if they interact negatively, it is fatal.
Acho ended hopefully, encouraged by how the Gaines had involved their children in this conversation.
"I think the beauty of children and children is that we learn things as children and develop as adults. So it's a powerful thing that you are all here with your children."
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