Chipotle suspends store manager after Colts' Darius Leonard says he was racially profiled, kicked out

Chipotle suspended the manager of a South Carolina store after Darius Leonard said he was racially profiled and kicked out of the restaurant after having a private chat with Blacks Matter with his family.
The Indianapolis Colts All-Pro linebacker allegedly posted an Instagram video on Thursday.
He said a white customer complained to the manager of the restaurant, who then kicked him and his group out of the man's allegations.
"They wanted to call the police"
Leonard did not identify who he was eating with, but referred to them as "family" and described them as "three other black men and a mixed woman".
"Towards the end of our meal, the manager comes ... with a terrible attitude and asks us if we have a problem," said Leonard. ... "He says that a white man said we insulted him and talked to him about trash.
"It was basically a lie. We were kicked out of Chipotle for this reason. They said they wanted to call the police. That's what it means to be black in America. "
Chipotle examines Leonard's claim
Chipotle informed Yahoo Sports that the manager had been suspended and chairman and CEO Brian Niccol had contacted Leonard.
"We are currently investigating the Darius Leonard incident in Florence, South Carolina," Niccol wrote in a statement. “We have a zero tolerance policy for all forms of discrimination and have suspended our manager while we do a thorough investigation.
"I contacted Darius personally and made a commitment to ensure that the appropriate action was taken after the investigation was completed."
Darius Leonard said a Chipotle manager kicked him out after a white customer complained about him. (AP Photo / Darron Cummings)
Leonard said the party is talking about BLM
Leonard said the incident occurred after the complainant heard his party speak about the Black Lives Matter movement.
"We're talking about Black Lives Matter, so that the guy looks at us and lies and laughs when we go out, and the crib ... come up and just throw us out of Chipotle," Leonard continued.
"And we felt very disrespectful and that is the white privilege we are talking about. There is no black man who can sit there and eat peacefully without being racially profiled. We know we would know what would have happened if this manager had called the police immediately. "
Leonard then talked about the incident regarding the race settlement in America after George Floyd's death. He said that black people only want to be treated equally.
"It's wrong in America," said Leonard. "You're going to wonder why all the protests and all that stuff is going on. We're tired of it. You white people don't understand what we're going through.
"We want to be treated the same. Just sit in public, sit down and eat without worrying about it. ... I need the non-blacks to step into our shoes and recognize the s that we are going through and why we feel the way we feel.
"You will see the police killing us. You will see all the injustices that we are going through. I live it. Day in and day out. And I am tired of it. Yes, I am annoyed. I am tired of it."
Leonard is a young top NFL player
The 24-year-old Leonard is approaching his third season with the Colts. He was named Defensive Rookie of the Year for the NFL in 2018 and was elected to the Pro Bowl and was named All-Pro in 2019.
Colts general manager Chris Ballard praised Leonard for his talent and character.
"I'll say that, I was with [Brian] Urlacher, [Lance] Briggs and Derrick Johnson, and Darius Leonard has the ability to be as good as everyone else," said Ballard in 2019. "That's him. " really good and he has a lot of character. Very happy with Darius. "
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