Chris Cuomo Explodes At Trump's 'Virus Of Hate' After Michigan Kidnapping Plot

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was furious on Thursday after President Donald Trump remained silent for hours about the foiled act of kidnapping against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D).
Six men have been arrested and charged with kidnapping Whitmer, who has been the target of attacks by Trump and his supporters for months over their measures to protect their voters from COVID-19.
The alleged kidnapping program included a plan to kidnap Whitmer from her vacation home and hold a "treason trial", according to an FBI affidavit. Terrorism, weapons and conspiracy were also charged against seven other men, authorities said on Thursday.
Although Trump tweeted at times throughout the day, he said nothing about the alleged terrorist attack against an elected official until 9:30 p.m. Eastern, while Cuomo's broadcast.
In Trump's silence, Cuomo asked, "Where's the outrage? How's that okay?"
"Mr. Law and Order?" he added. “What he ignores, he deliberately empowers. And what he said to and about them enables hatred. It's not just an ugly conversation on Twitter with people like me. You wanted to hurt her. "
Cuomo also wondered if Trump would be that quiet "if this were a Republican governor and 13 blacks were arrested".
"He'd say, 'It's a coup, it's a coup," Cuomo said. "Do you really want this disease, this virus of hatred that he stirs up? This is not Twitter, man. It's not a stupid YouTube video. They planned to get her for a long time. They wanted to meet and train. They tried to coordinate with other groups. "
He added: “Not all Trump supporters are hateful people. But why do all hateful people seem to be Trump supporters? "
When Trump finally acknowledged the news, he took the opportunity to beat Whitmer and her COVID-19 restrictions again, praising federal law enforcement for their work, and wondering why Whitmer hadn't thanked him for it.
In a press conference earlier that day, Whitmer said Trump's rhetoric was a rally to violent groups and linked them to the planned attack.
Trump's deputies later claimed the president condemned white supremacist and hate groups, instead accusing Whitmer of sowing division.
Trump added in a third tweet that he does not tolerate extremist violence, claiming he will always "defend ALL Americans, including those who oppose and attack me", despite having just attacked Whitmer moments before.
Trump has repeatedly avoided condemning and criticizing hate groups during his presidency, including when he recently told far-right Proud Boys to "stand by" before denouncing them days later after a bipartisan outcry on Fox News.
Whitmer appeared on Cuomo's program Thursday night and said she hadn't heard from the White House other than the "spokesman trying to light me with gas".
"A decent person would pick up the phone and say," Are you okay? "- and condemn terrorist organizations that threaten, intimidate and act against other Americans."
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