Chris Hayes Nails 'Cowardly' Fox News For Its Biggest Vaccine Hypocrisy Yet

MSNBC host Chris Hayes ripped off Fox News for attacking efforts to vaccinate people against the coronavirus, despite the right-wing network's hosts spreading misinformation and disinformation "in the most cowardly fashion".
“It's not 'Don't get vaccinated,'” said Hayes. “It's, 'We just ask questions. We take no position. Don't take medical advice from people on TV. They're trying to get you to stick to it, so you shouldn't stick to it. "It's like an anti-vax and anything while you do anything to stir up fears about the vaccine."
Fox News, he said, has done the same with other life-saving measures like wearing masks.
“Because the predominant perspective of this network since the beginning of the pandemic has essentially been, 'Who cares if all these people die? They're old, poor, or sick anyway, ”said Hayes.
But outside of the air, Fox News acted differently. While its hosts have railed against vaccination certificates, the conservative network has reportedly implemented its own version of such a system for its employees.
"Because they understand the dangers of the situation, regardless of the nihilistic cynicism and cute idiocy of their hosts," said Hayes.
See its complete deactivation above.
This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

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