Chris Wallace Says He Occupies ‘So Much Space In Donald Trump’s Brain Rent-Free’

Fox News host Chris Wallace observed on Sunday that he seems to be constantly present in the spirit of former President Donald Trump.
In an extensive interview on the network, "MediaBuzz" presenter Howard Kurtz spoke about the revelations in "Peril", the new book by Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, which examines Trump's chaotic resignation from office.
"Trump is still shooting at you during the first presidential debate you hosted last year and saying, 'Oh, you had no control," "Kurtz told Wallace.
Wallace laughed, “I'm very grateful for a landlord to let me occupy so much space in Donald Trump's mind rent-free. I'm not talking about him, but he still wants to talk about the September 29, 2020 debate. "
When asked who was to blame, Wallace pointed out that Trump interrupted Biden "145 times in 90 minutes" during the debate.
"I think that's a world record," he joked.
This debate between Trump and President Joe Biden has been a chaotic, outlandish affair, tarnished by insults and relentless interruptions from Trump. As a moderator, Wallace was at times unable to cope with the stubborn breach of the rules. Trump later accused Wallace of being on Biden's side and has recently attacked Wallace again over the debate.
Wallace was critical of Trump during his presidency and has been the subject of several Twitter tirades from the president.
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This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.
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