Chrissy Teigen Introduces New Puppy Pearl She Hopes Will "Add Love to Our Home"

Luna Simone and Miles Theodore can pull aside - there is a new addition to the family of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.
Chrissy shared a new Instagram post on July 27th introducing the newest "kid" to her family: Pearl! Chrissy's new pup starred in her post, posing in selfies with Chrissy, sitting on John's lap and strutting through her kitchen like it was a catwalk when Chrissy said, "Come here! Come here! Hi!"
Said Pearl had officially come to their home, the model joked, "We love this little girl so much, but I'll admit she definitely dated John first," said Chrissy, her French bulldog, Penny, being similar "Obsessed with her". , ”And remarked that it was“ fun watching the adventures of Penny and Pearl ”.
Chrissy said she was familiar with Basset Hounds like Pearl because she grew up with the breed: "I can't wait for John that bouncy, boneless jelly skin to grow into the die-hard love stems I love so much. "She added," Excited to see this new little heart bring love to our home.
Chrissy Teigen & John Legends Sweetest Family Moments Legend
Pearl's introduction comes a few weeks after the loss of her other dog, a 10-year-old French Bulldog named Pippa.
Pearl, Chrissy Teigen dog
Chrissy told her followers, “I remember picking her up in Gainesville and documenting our journey home. She was a cheeky woman - loved her pearl necklace and never took anything from EVERY new dog we brought with us. "
"We loved her so much," she continued. “I know that you’re making hell up there. Thank you for giving us your whole life. "
Puddy, whom Chrissy was referring to in the caption, was another of her and John's dogs who passed away in 2018. It's possible that Chrissy's reference to Pippa's pearl necklace could have inspired the name of her family's newest four-legged friend.
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