Chrissy Teigen Shares Thoughts On Her Postpartum Body

In a very personal post, Chrissy Teigen says that she will never be pregnant again
After suffering a heartbreaking pregnancy loss this fall, Chrissy Teigen was extremely open about her family's journey through her grief. In a new Instagram post, Teigen shares a photo of her body after losing her son Jack at the age of 20.
"That's me and my body, just yesterday," wrote Teigen on Instagram on Wednesday, along with a photo of her in a dress that lifts off her body. Her postpartum belly can be seen in the photo and she talks about how she feels about it in the post.
"I have no idea why I honestly still have this bump," she writes. "It's frustrating. But I'm proud of where this whole journey has taken my body and mind in other ways."
It would be undeniably difficult to have any visible memory of such a devastating loss, especially over two months afterwards. Postpartum bodies are an emotional struggle for anyone who has been pregnant, but having to come to terms with your postpartum body after losing the pregnancy adds so many layers to existing trauma.
While pregnant with Jack, Teigen suffered a partial placenta disruption that did not heal and caused intense bleeding that never stopped. When it became clear that Jack wasn't going to make it into full term, Teigen shared her journey of extraditing him with husband John Legend and saying goodbye in a series of heartbreaking black and white photos that showed their grief.
Teigen, mother of Luna (4) and Miles (2), also spoke about pregnancy in general and confirmed that she will not become pregnant again. “I love being pregnant so much, and I'm sad that I will never be again. But I'm fortunate to have two amazing little ones who turn more and more into big little people every day. How Anyway. Love you guys. Xx. "
Chrissy Teigen has been incredibly generous in being so open about her pain, and she often talks about going to therapy and sharing when she has good days and bad. So many parents out there can relate to their journey of loss and find solace in the shared experience of grief.
I send so much love to the Teigen-Legend family and everyone out there who are moving through the loss this year.
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