Christopher Nolan has revealed what Tenet means (and teases one of its biggest mysteries)

Outside of an MCU mega event, Tenet has been monitored more closely than any other film in recent years. Slowly but surely the curtain begins to fall.
Christopher Nolan spoke for the first time about exactly what his film is about, including what Tenet actually means, and at the same time uncovered another riddle that will confuse and captivate those who are already counting the days until July 31 .
"We are dealing with a world of espionage, we are dealing with a world of hidden identities," Nolan told EW. "[John David Washington] plays an agent known as the" protagonist "." Then the revelation reads: "Tenet is the name of the organization in which the protagonist will be admitted," Nolan confirmed.
And ... that's mostly it. He mentions that Robert Pattinson's character is called Neil or, which is not helpful, "we think his name could be Neil". Nolan also says that he is a "slightly mischievous character who operates in various intelligence agencies within this so-called twilight world."
But there is one character - among the actors, which includes Kenneth Branagh, Elizabeth Debicki and Michael Caine - that was not taken into account.
"Aaron Taylor-Johnson is indeed in the film," said Nolan. "He is an important part of the film. Yes, there are no photos of him, that's true. He can be seen briefly in the [second] trailer. He is also completely unrecognizable."
Nolan added, "There are all sorts of things that happen when it comes to where the story goes in the course of the film and where it ends in later stages that we don't want to spoil people."
Because of me. We now know what Tenet is - we think - but the rest remain in the air. Christopher Nolan, you had our curiosity - now you have our attention.
Earlier this year, the director told our sister publication how his love for James Bond influenced the film.
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