Clare Crawley Has an Epic Response to Criticism Over Her Strip Dodgeball Date

Clare Crawley doesn't seem to be pausing.
This time Clare reacts to criticism of the dodgeball date of the Bachelorette from hell. As fans of the show witnessed on Tuesday, October 20, Clare's men participated in a game of strip dodgeball in which the contestants only wore a thong. Those who wore the least clothes had to return to their rooms while the winners enjoyed a cocktail party with Clare.
The daring nature of the game was criticized by participants and viewers alike. A Twitter user wrote to the Bachelorette: "It's horrible that the boys undressed when the bachelor asked the women to do the same things that the hell would break loose. They were wrong. Juan Pablo [Galavis ] should have let you move out. "
But, as Clare pointed out, Juan Pablo let his candidates move out. Clare shared a photo of Andi Dorfman and Lucy Aragon wearing scanty clothes during a photo shoot with Juan Pablo and replied, "You mean so?"
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Also, Clare liked some tweets criticizing The Bachelorette's producers, suggesting that she wasn't the one responsible for the sexual nature of the group date. One such tweet read, "Hmmmm, it's almost like getting attendees to undress. This is a really tired production ploy and wasn't your idea at all."
The Bachelorette, Clare Crawley
Clare had previously pointed out her discomfort with the way things were going by replying to Bekah Martinez's Chatty Broads podcast summary of the episode "YES. YES. YES." Chatty Broads' Instagram account also posted a DM they received from Clare. It read: "You ladies could not have been more precise! Thank you."
On the podcast, Bachelor Nation member and co-host Jess Ambrose called the moment "inappropriate," with Bekah expressing her rejection of the group date of love languages. She shared, "She's the only woman in the room, with this group of men in this strange conference room, blindfolded, not knowing who is going to come up to them and touch them ... Not only that, but the men too forced to put on blindfolds and be touched by and / or touching her. "
As for the dodgeball date, Jess and Bekah felt that a line had definitely been crossed. "I felt that it was humiliating for her too," said Bekah. "Because she was literally forced to watch them do their chores for them ... I felt bad for everyone involved."
The dodgeball date will be brought up in the next episode, however, as the teaser featured candidate Yosef Aborady confronting Clare about the events.
The Bachelorette is broadcast on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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