Clare Crawley Reportedly Had No Idea Matt James Was Becoming The Bachelor

In all the excitement over the first black lead role in The Bachelor, someone seems to have forgotten to tell Clare Crawley that Matt James would no longer be a candidate in her season of The Bachelorette.
The 28-year-old real estate agent was originally filled as a candidate for Crawley's upcoming season, but after widespread criticism of the franchise's lack of variety and the coronavirus pandemic that halted Crawley's season production, ABC decided to skip the announcement as James leading man of the dating show for season 25.
According to a source that spoke to Us Weekly, however, Crawley "didn't get heads-ups" and figured out the big news like the rest of us. "Until the GMA's announcement, Clare didn't know Matt would become a bachelor," said the source. "Decisions are still made when it comes to their cast."
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Crawley was announced as the next star of The Bachelorette in early March. ABC revealed the contestants who would soon compete for their hearts, including James, who was originally known as Tyler Cameron's best friend.
Back in April, Crawley had some issues with fans who believed they chose James for cameos and interviews about his charity ABC Food Tours.
If you do interviews and create cameo accounts before you're even in my season ... you're there for the wrong reasons ... #dontwasteyourtime, "she wrote on Twitter. "Respect the opportunity you've been given. Follow the rules. Respect me. @ BacheloretteABC ❤️”
Clare Crawley

If you're doing interviews and creating cameo accounts before you're even in my season ... you're in for the wrong reasons ... #dontwasteyourtime
7:26 p.m. - April 25, 2020
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Clare Crawley

Respect the opportunity you have been given. Follow the rules. Respect me @ BacheloretteABC
7:39 p.m. - April 25, 2020
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According to Karey Burke, President of ABC Entertainment, he's been on the radar for The Bachelor for some time.
"Matt has been on our radar since February, when Clares' producers first contacted him to join Bachelor Nation. When the shoot couldn't go ahead as planned, we had the time to get to know Matt and everyone that he would do a perfect bachelor’s degree, ”she said in a statement on Friday, June 12th.
Bachelor Nation insiders say James' bachelor casting could actually be in Crawley's favor. (It has been reported that her season is likely to get new group candidates since the original cast may not be available when The Bachelorette is resumed. The men have also had the opportunity to speak to her before the show starts filming .)
"I think where this is really great for Clare is that every man who will be in their season knows that there is no chance of becoming a bachelor, so they really should all be there for Clare," Rob Mills, CEO of ABC, told Variety.
Looks like everything went well!
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