Claudia Conway Is the Internet's Political Hero—But She Deserves Better Than That

Claudia Conway TikTok
Claudia Conway, the 15-year-old daughter of former adviser to President Trump Kellyanne Conway, is hailed as an anti-Trump "resistance hero". She announced to the world on Monday, October 5, that her mother had tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), joining a growing list of White House staff and Republican power players who are reported to have voted down have infected with the deadly virus of the SCOTUS nomination rose gardening event that took place on September 26th. Claiming that despite talks from the Trump administration, the president is not on the way to recovery after being hospitalized for four days and three nights for COVID-19, and wrote on TikTok, “He's so ridiculous. Apparently he's bad lol and they are doing what they can to stabilize him. “Now she's being compared to Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the journalists who broke the 1972 Watergate scandal.
Claudia also lives in a household that she previously described as toxic and abusive. She doesn't need virtual high fives because her contempt for the president and those who enable him mimics our own. She needs help. She needs support. She needs someone to keep her safe. But when tired Americans were forced to endure a global pandemic, family breakups at the border, a climate crisis, attacks on abortion and reproductive justice, systemic racism, an increase in hate crimes, school shootings, anti-LGBTQ laws, and more, we are so desperate for a savior that we are even ready to put our hopes on the shoulders of young people regardless of the cost of their sanity.
We want someone, no matter who they are or how much they hurt themselves, to tear down the current political chaos so badly that we do not admit that we are part of the problem. It was we adults, not young people who are not yet eligible to vote, who instituted an extremist president who directed the deaths of over 210,000 Americans in less than 10 months. It was we adults, not young people, who failed to pass a decent gun law when a gunman killed 20 6- and 7-year-olds in a classroom. It was us, not our children, who destroyed the planet and forced our children to grow up in a world of bad weather, raging fires, and record-breaking heat waves.
Our actions and inactivity have contributed to the chaos from which we now seek youth to save us.
Claudia claims she suffered from "childhood trauma and abuse" for years. In August, she announced that she would then seek emancipation from her parents. And that same month, she said she was taking a "mental health" break on social media because it was "all too much". On Monday Claudia posted TikTok videos of her mother and since then deleted them that abuse her. She also claimed that her mother lied to her about her positive coronavirus test and was also responsible for the teen who contracted COVID-19. In a follow-up post, Claudia stated that she was afraid of her mother.
This young woman doesn't need a "yaaaaasssss queen!" Tweets and nodding “Welcome to the Resistance” - she needs support and access to adequate mental health care if she is actually suffering from a childhood trauma. And if her abuse allegations are true and she is afraid of at least one of her parents, a safe and loving environment in which to begin to heal from the trauma and abuse she has experienced since childhood.
By holding Claudia up as a kind of political heroine, we are failing her just as countless young people have before. After years of failed efforts or total inaction to pass essential guns legislation that can protect our children in school classes, on college campuses, in cinemas, on the street, and in their homes, we have a responsibility to address the problem of traumatized survivors School shooting. We accused Conservative Wolves of young people like Emma Gomez and David Hogg, who survived the Parkland School shootings; allowed them to be taken apart by gun lobbyists and conspiracy theorists; shared their tearful speeches far and wide, then told us, "My job here is done" and "I did my part."
We did the same with young climate change activists like Greta Thunberg, Autumn Peltier and Nyaruot Nguany. We have collectively accepted the harrowing fact that our children will inherit a dying planet and then made it their responsibility to fight for it and fix it. While they miss school and travel the planet to ask the elected officials that we will continue to vote and stay in office, we are doing nothing. Instead, we just whisper to ourselves: "The children will save us" so that we can sleep soundly at night. We are sure that the next generation will counteract our mistakes. And the next. And the next.
We did it to Mari Copeny when we poisoned the water in her Flint, Michigan community.
We did it to Malavika, Kenyatta, and Hilaria when we allowed anti-abortion politicians to steal their constitutional rights to make their own decisions about their own bodies.
We did it to Malala Yousafzai when we failed to ensure that every young woman had access to quality education.
We did it to Quannah Chasinghorse and Makaśa Looking Horse when we allowed the federal government to desecrate their sacred, indigenous lands.
And now we're doing it with Claudia, who is not a political activist, but a young person who is making her way through a difficult time for her family at best and, worse, a traumatic childhood that is supposedly full of verbal and physical abuse.
We should stop looking at Claudia's social media posts through the lens of politics. We should do everything we can - be it an early vote, postcard mailing to potential voters, telephone banking, and election day volunteering (to vote out the man sitting in the Oval Office); the same man who has defended men charged with domestic violence and sexual assault and who instigated violence with his hateful, sexist, racist rhetoric. We should speak openly about child abuse and provide our children with the tools and language to better recognize when they are being abused physically, mentally, financially, or verbally. We should re-commit to keeping our elected officials at a higher level - one that will enable all of us to create a world that is safer, more equitable and, in fact, more sustainable for our children.
Instead, we fail.
Young people like Claudia deserve better than our shopping bag politics and social media outstanding. They deserve it better than our callous indifference to the trauma they experience - for which we as a collective are many responsible. They deserve action - committed, consistent, steadfast, and swift action - that will make the world a better place to learn, develop, and prosper.
Young people like Claudia deserve it better than we do.

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