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Floral tributes are laid in memory of the victims following a mass shooting at Club Q gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States, on November 20, 2022.
A gunman killed five people and injured 18 others at an LGBTQ club in Colorado last week.
Several have accused the shooter and her mother of verbally assaulting them months before the shooting.
A passenger claims the suspect said, "I wish I could shoot you all right now."
Months before the Colorado Springs shooting, which left five dead and 18 injured, the Club Q suspect and his mother got into a verbal confrontation with air passengers, several passengers told the Denver-based KDVR news agency.
A passenger named Maria Martinez captured video of what she believes to be the suspected Club Q shooter and her mother in July, according to KDVR. The flight was to Denver, but it's unclear where it came from.
Martinez claims the suspect called her a derogatory term against Hispanics, after which she began filming. Martinez also claims that the suspect who shot Club Q threatened her.
"Even my friend said we won't be surprised if he's a mass shooter. And it was scary to think that," the passenger told the outlet.
Another passenger claimed the suspect and her mother also verbally assaulted her.
"I was struggling to get my luggage down (from the overhead locker) and all of a sudden," she heard a woman swearing at her, telling her to hurry up. "And then I turned around and said, Excuse me?" another passenger told KDVR.
And when another passenger defended her, she claimed the suspect told him to "shut up," calling him the N-word.
A passenger claims the suspect said, "I wish I could shoot you all right now" as they got off the plane.
Insider has not been able to independently verify the claims made in the CDPR article.
The suspect had a confrontation with police last year after making a bomb threat, Insider previously reported.
Frontier Airlines did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.
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