Clueless Yosemite Bigwig Caught Using Protected Meadow For Golf

A vice president of the company, who operates concessions in Yosemite National Park, is unemployed after a video shows up hitting a golf ball on a protected meadow.
"It hit the stone," bragged Michael Grisar, vice president of operations at Yosemite Hospitality, after hitting the ball in the fragile Yosemite Valley landscape.
A spokesman for the parent company Aramark told The Fresno Bee that Grisar was no longer with the organization.
Here is the video in which he hits his ball in the Ahwahnee meadow:
According to the SFGate, leaving the ball on the meadow would be considered waste if you go to the meadow to recover it. This would mean trampling on its fragile and protected ecosystem.
Current and former park staff were angry after watching the video.
"I'm not a violent person," Tammy Hays, who worked there for 16 years, told Fox26 in Fresno. "But I wanted to hit him with his own golf club and throw him straight out of the park."
The National Park Service said Yosemite Valley meadows have been cut by more than half from 700 acres centuries ago to about 300 today, resulting in current protection measures. These protective measures include the limitation of pedestrian traffic to certain marked paths and promenades.
"Repeated trampling kills plants, cuts the lawn to expose the soil beneath the root zone, and increases erosion," NPS said on its website, adding:
“Too much soil compaction can also reduce meadow soil's ability to hold the shallow water table, which is critical to the health of meadow vegetation. Go easy anywhere in Yosemite and avoid decorating the meadows of nature with footprints and tire tracks. "
Yosemite National Park spokesman Scott Gediman told the bee that Grisar later apologized for his actions.
"However, we need to make it clear that this type of activity is prohibited and violates parking rules and regulations," said Gediman. "Yosemite National Park is a sacred place and its care and administration are the responsibility of all park staff and visitors."
The Grisar family had previously made headlines when Michael's son Riley Grisar was videotaped last year with a racist surname and explanation of "white power".
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