CNN Fact-Checker Debunks The Donald Trump 'Lie That Won't Die'

CNN reporter Daniel Dale on Monday mentioned President Donald Trump's lie that just won't die.
Then he firmly exposed it.
When Dale appeared on CNN Tonight, he began ditching Don Lemon to anchor some of the claims Trump made during his rally in Sanford, Florida, where the president, Dale said, "basically agreed seems to be running against a version of Democratic candidate Joe "Biden" that doesn't exist. "
Lemon then broadcast footage of Trump reiterating his 2016 election promise at the rally that his promised wall on the U.S.-Mexico border was almost complete - and that Mexico was paying to build it.
"Oh my god. I can check it out. And these people believe him," said an incredulous lemon.
Dale agreed.
"Much of it is a replacement fence," explained the fact checker. "And more importantly, Mexico is not paying for the wall tonight."
"American taxpayers are paying for the wall from both congressional monies and funds that Trump has confiscated from basically other things like the military," added Dale.
"This is the lie that won't die," Dale concluded. “It rests for a while, then it seems like it will magically return around election time. And no, Mexico is still not paying for the border wall. "
Check out the segment here:
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