CNN's Chris Cuomo Debunks CPAC Chair’s Election Fraud Lies To His Face

Chris Cuomo invited Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, to his CNN show on Monday to explain why ex-President Donald Trump was invited to the organization's Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this week.
The interview soon got out of hand, however, when Cuomo was forced to expose Schlapp's repeated lies about “widespread electoral fraud,” part of the lie Trump himself brought forward about stealing the 2020 election.
Cuomo initially asked Schlapp whether it was "tacitly in favor of his election farce" to give Trump the stage in the CPAC.
"I don't know what that means," replied Schlapp, a staunch supporter of the former president.
"Well, he lied that the election was a scam," said Cuomo. "And when you have him there and give him a platform, that seems to be your approval."
"You're making a straw man argument. It's a boogeyman argument," Cuomo once said to Schlapp. "There is no evidence of rampant fraud. Nobody says the process is perfect. You have lost and now you will go on like this. "
"You really want the conservative movement to be made on the basis of a lie about the election?" he added elsewhere in heated exchange.
Schlapp later admitted that President Joe Biden "is my president" and won the election - but unsubstantiatedly claimed that this did not mean that there had been no electoral fraud on either side of the aisle.
You can find the full interview here:
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