CNN's John Berman Slams Donald Trump's Dictator-Like Talk: 'This Is Not A Drill'

CNN's John Berman sounded the alarm on Monday when President Donald Trump spoke dictatorially.
"Let's not crush words here," said Berman. "This is not an exercise. The President of the United States is weighing the kind of action you see in dictatorships."
Berman noted Trumps reported discussion of the implementation of martial law and the repetition of elections in swing states by the military.
The CNN host admitted it would be "tempting" to sack the cast of characters who assisted the president in his futile attempt to steal the election - including Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, his "sacked national security adviser and pardoned admitted." Criminal "Michael Flynn and his conspiracy theorist lawyer Sidney Powell - as" some kind of pathetic clown show ".
But Berman warned it was actually "scary" that Trump was so "obsessed" with reversing the outcome and even considering calling Powell "some kind of special adviser on elections" to investigate electoral fraud.
"Remember, we're talking about the same Sidney Powell that the president and his electoral team wanted nothing to do with a few weeks ago because she was viewed as too extreme," said Berman. "Now, in the eyes of the President, it is special advisory material."
Read Berman's monologue here:
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