Colbert Jokes MyPillow Guy, Kid Rock Are Why Trump Staffers Didn’t Notice Documentary Crew

Stephen Colbert appeared puzzled as to why some former Trump 2020 campaign staffers were unaware that a documentary team was filming them during the 2020 election through Jan. 6. So he poked fun at it during Wednesday's "The Late Show" monologue , after news that documentary maker Alex Holder, whose team was there at the time, was subpoenaed by the select committee to testify.
“New information comes out of the panel every day. We learned yesterday that the Special Committee subpoenaed documentary filmmaker Alex Holder, who began filming the former president for a project about his re-election campaign in September 2020 and continued filming up to and including January 6th. And he just got raw footage of discussions about voter fraud in the 2020 election, including interviews with former Presidents Mike Pence, Don Jr., Ivanka, Eric and Jared Kushner. So the January 6th committee could play real documentary footage of these dinguses in its televised hearings,” Colbert said, setting up his series of jokes.
"In other words, the president could finally be overthrown by his closest allies," Colbert said, quickly interrupting a clip from an old interview with Trump on Fox News in which he recounted a memory test. "Person, woman, man, camera, television," Trump said as this Colbert joke ended.
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Colbert then brought up this Rolling Stone report that a former member of Trump's campaign staff was unaware of the documentary material.
"So some of his staff didn't realize the film crew was hanging around the White House? That seems odd, but to be fair there are a lot of distractions - pillows being peddled by Mike Lindell, speeches being given by Kid Rock, the Easter Egg Roll being hosted by Vecna," the host joked.
You can watch his full monologue above, which also includes Senator Ron Johnson (having an airport joke) and Dr. Oz (with a "Wizard of Oz" joke) mocked above.
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