Cole Beasley: I have looked the other way for too long

Bill recipient Cole Beasley sits idly and watches his teammates, former teammates and other players in the league speak out against police brutality and social injustice. He joined them on Thursday and published a statement on race relations.
"Too long ... I've looked away too long in my life," said Beasley. "As a father of three bi-racial children and someone who likes to rap, I am really ashamed. I never had to grow up as a white child face the difficulties black people face in this country every day.
“One of the first steps in recovery is to first admit that you have a problem or made a mistake. I was wrong for a long time. I have remained as ignorant as it kills me to say. Not only did I fail black people, I also failed my sons and daughter to this point by turning the other way.
“This is too important a time in our country to just sit and scroll through everything that happens before us. Every single person is important. No role is too small. Nothing you do is not enough. Every little bit will be important. Just do something ... # BlackLivesMatter. "
Beasley also announced that he will donate all proceeds from downloads and streams of his song United Hates of America 2020 to 9inety-10, a non-profit organization that brings health and wellbeing to disadvantaged children through exercise and exercise.
Cole Beasley: I looked away too long and originally showed up on Pro Football Talk

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