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Collin Gosselin, Kate Gosselin. Courtesy of Colleen Conrad/Instagram; Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/Shutterstock
His side of the story. For the first time, Collin Gosselin spoke candidly about his time at various institutions and revealed how the experience ended his relationship with mother Kate Gosselin.
Collin, 18, recalled being placed at the Fairmont Behavioral Health Institute after his mother claimed he needed support for his "special needs" in 2016.
"It was definitely hard not being in the media to sort of explain everything because I wanted to take time for myself and wasn't able to give the truthful answers," he told Entertainment Tonight on Monday, November 28th. "I mean, there were just things out there, you know, not my words — other people's words.
According to Collin, his time in two different institutions affected his mental health. "Institution — [it was a] scary place, but I learned a lot about myself," he added Monday. “I was in a dark place mentally. I think being in a place like that does more harm than good.”
He continued: "I spent my 13th and 14th birthdays there, so I was young. I didn't have many life skills. I didn't even really know what to expect, what to think of being there at the time. So I was hopeless and, you know, I figured out how to text my dad, and that was kind of a thing that helped me mentally figure out that there's actually a way out.
Recalling how that time led to him cutting ties with his mother, Collin said: "After I was there, I didn't have a relationship with her. I don't think we've had a big relationship before, either, and I think that just keeps tearing it down."
The former child star also responded to Kate's previous quotes claiming he has special needs. (Jon previously said that Collin has ADHD.)
"It's unfortunate that my mother framed me that way as a person," he shared. "You know I don't see these things and I don't think anyone else sees these things but then when she sees me like this you know that's her perspective and I hope when we meet again that day she would understand that it's not the case."
Kate, 47, became a first-time mom when she gave birth to twins Madelyn and Cara, whom she shares with ex-husband Jon Gosselin, in 2000. Four years later, the couple welcomed Collin and his sextuplets - Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Leah and Joel.
After a decade of marriage, Kate and Jon, 45, have called it quits. The TLC personalities eventually began fighting for custody of their children amid their messy split. In 2016, Jon revealed that he hadn't seen his children in years.
“[The twins] stopped coming [at 12 or 13]. I was just like, 'Hey, do what you want, be with your friends' and then it just became 'They're not coming'. Then I had six [kids]," he explained to ET at the time. I just focused on the ones that came, and then a few years went by and then Collin stopped coming. I thought maybe he just wants to do something with mommy or something, and then it became long term."
That same year, it was revealed that Kate had brought Collin into treatment. Jon eventually removed the teen from Fairmont Behavioral Health Institute after his son asked for help in a 2017 letter that was later released.
“I told mom I want to live with you, she said no. But right? She can't choose me. I'm old enough now, I'm YOUR son, not hers. She abused me after I left her house. I'm sorry. Take this to court because ... you are my father, my savior," Collin wrote in the letter. "I'm counting on you to get me out of here. dad i love you Save me. Please come FAST. I love you. Help me.
Jon was awarded legal and physical custody of Collin in December 2018 after Kate and her lawyer failed to appear in court.
"It didn't really bother me," Collin said of his mother, who wasn't fighting for custody. "I mean, it's like I said, it's on her own terms and if she doesn't want to show up, she doesn't have to show up."
After the public ups and downs with his mother, Collin wanted to get the record of his life straight.
"I would say just based on things that have been said and seen in the media, a big misconception about me is that I'm incapable or, you know, I'm still kind of attached to the things that are me put through because it's not me," he explained. "I work like everyone else. I go to school. I hang out with my friends. You know my life is great and I'm very happy with the life I have now."

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