Column: Trump's Tulsa rally was a dud. Sessions' tweet about it was cringe-inducing

Jeff Sessions was booted by President Trump as a U.S. attorney general. Why is he still crawling over him? (Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images)
The most terrifying thing about Trump's rally on Saturday night did not take place in Tulsa, Okla. Instead of where it took place, but 700 miles away in Alabama.
But before I get to that, let's get the stage ready. The Tulsa rally should signal to the country that the "transition to size" is well underway. It was supposed to show followers that Trump's magic had never faded. More importantly, the helpers hoped that this would get the president out of his months of assembly work.
It failed in every way. The campaign promoted one million RSVPs for Trump's big date with his admirers. According to the fireman's official record of 6,600 participants, 993,400 chose Netflix and the couch instead.
Trump's appearance wasn't as lackluster as the presence, but it says something that in an almost two-hour speech, the most memorable part was a 17-minute reef that went down a ramp and was able to drink water. Trump's show stopper was when he drank some H2O with one hand and tossed the cup aside like a Viking throwing away a drained bottle of mead. The crowd broke into chants of "Four More Years!"
In addition, there was only what would be considered a gaff in a normal time. He called COVID-19 "kung flu" and told how he had instructed his staff to slow down the tests to save him from bad numbers. The campaign insists it was a joke, but if your best defense is that the president talked about an illness that killed 120,000 Americans and ruined the economy, you're not exactly what the professionals call it Denote messaging sweet spot.
But while Trump's inner circle immediately rushed to find someone to be thrown under the bus, a man in the outer outer circle, more precisely the repressed circle, saw something completely different. This man was a former US attorney. General Jeff Sessions, who is now back in Alabama, is trying to regain a seat in the U.S. Senate after vacating his seat in the Trump administration.
He explained on Twitter:
“President @realDonaldTrump showed his incredible drive, understanding of history and the principles that made America great tonight. Masterly! Unleashed! Winner message !!
@ JoeBiden can't keep up. Continue to play!"
This is possibly a politician's saddest tweet in the comparatively short history of the medium.
Say what you want about Session's political views, he has always adhered to his principles with dignity and he has had impressive accomplishments throughout his life. As the first senator to support Trump in 2016, he gave Trump much-needed legitimacy. As Attorney General, he was arguably the leading figure in implementing the Trumpist immigration agenda. But that was never important to Trump because he values ​​personal loyalty over effectiveness, and after sessions withdrew from the Russia investigation and the subsequent Mueller investigation, Trump began routinely humiliating his attorney general.
Trump called him "weak", "mentally retarded" and a "stupid southerner". After a particularly rigorous disguise in which Trump described him as an "idiot," Sessions told employees that the humiliating manner in which the President addressed him was the most humiliating experience in decades of public life, the New York Times said . A Washington Post report tells what Trump called Sessions "Mr. Magoo".
In 2018, the meetings resigned at the request of the president.
Not long after, as he prepared for his Senate run, Sessions said in a video announcement that was widely ridiculed as a "hostage band," "I was [Trump's] strongest lawyer. I'm still. We have to make America great again."
Trump did not wade into the crowded area code, but when Sessions and his opponent Tommy Tuberville went into a runoff election to be decided in a July area code, Trump was unable to help and supported Tuberville.
I understand that politicians have a remarkable ability to convince themselves that the country needs them. Certainly that's what's going on with Lindsay Graham, another senator who has humbled himself to stay on the good side of Trump and his most loyal voters. But Graham is a comparatively young man who has no wife or children to go home to. The session is 73, with three children and 10 grandchildren. What's so terrible about going home? Does the country need you so much? Or is the need to be in the room where it happens so great that selling your dignity bit by bit is worth the price of admission?
The most depressing thing about the Trump presidency was not Trump himself, but what she revealed to others - not just the politicians who humble themselves to show their loyalty to a man who is unable to give them back , but also in voters who apparently It must be said that the naked clothes of the naked emperor or at least his skills as a water drinker are "masterful".
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