Condos in 140-year-old Denver church fly off the market

Within a few weeks, buyers have snapped up almost all of the units at The Holy Townhomes on North Galapago Street. The last of the six units will be on sale at the end of the month.
Why It Matters: Churches that have become residences are proving to be a hot concept in Denver. Scott Methodist Church was converted to condominium in 1990, and earlier this year we wrote about a 118-year-old church that was converted into a $ 3.7 million condominium.
All units of The Holy Townhomes launched so far were signed within days, including this one which was listed on a Thursday and had deals all weekend.
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Background: Real estate agent Hasan Al-Mabuk bought the church together with Nate and Megan Reed from Reed Design Builders in 2019, BusinessDen reported.
"I lived across the street and loved the idea of ​​keeping it intact," Al-Mabuk told Axios.
Al-Mabuk and the Reed family now live in two of the six units.
History: The church was built in 1882 and was open until around the time of the COVID-19 break-in. The congregation is still active but is now praying in a new place, Al-Mabuk said.
The exterior of the building has been preserved, but the interiors of these Baker neighborhood beauties are fresh and contemporary, with a minimalist color palette and tasteful upgrades.
Al-Mabuk said the neighbors appreciate the building as much as he does and are also glad that the church was not demolished. "A neighbor in particular thanks me every time I see her," he said.
What's Next: The final unit will be priced similarly (in the upper $ 500 range) and should be listed for the next several weeks.
Look around here, including photos of a 1,620 square foot 1 bed, 2 bath with loft.
Photos by Allie Al-Mabuk from Simply Love Co, courtesy Hasan Al-Mabuk
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