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Tax day is Monday and if you get a refund we have some ideas for you ...
What a diverse market the collector car industry is. Every week the editorial team of Motorious delves into the classified section of the site to find the cars for sale that we would like to buy for ourselves. These cars are more than worth a new garage and we love sharing our tips with readers every week. Here's a list of cars to check out when we roll in in mid-May.
Unique mustang
The exterior of this 1967 Mustang is dark moss green, there are no major body issues and the chrome is in great condition as well. A two-tone interior made of Ivy Gold with function displays and electrical components appears to be original. What is special about this car, however, is what is under the hood. From the outside, a 6-cylinder or maybe a 289-cid is expected, a 302-cid would be surprising, but a factory-made 390-cid block is shocking.
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Beastly Bronco Restomod
Buying a modified car can be risky. Done right, the additional changes the previous owner / builder made to the car can also make up for anything the original vehicle could have been missing, and this Bronco is the perfect example of that.
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1967 Chevy Chevelle SS Packs LS Magic
Some cars will have you stop in your lanes every time you see one, and for us, the 1967 Chevy Chevelle SS is one of those cars. It's often overshadowed by the more muscular body styles that would soon follow, but the mid-1960s Chevelle exudes class, style, and the perfect level of aggression. An example like this, available through Vicari, is a reminder of how impressive the models really are, and this example hides an LS surprise under the hood.
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Celebrate the glory of the American supercar in this 2006 Ford GT Heritage Edition
The first generation of the Ford GT has grown in popularity since the supercars were first driven. Some didn't know how desirable these cars would become if they were brand new, but the Ford GT's appreciation has skyrocketed over the years. Few vehicles inspire the Ford GT's response when they go on sale, and this is especially true of the Heritage Edition models. Such a special edition of the Limited Run GT sold by Bonhams deserves every collection.
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Land Rover fire department repurposed by Tophat Classics
If you've never heard of Tophat Classics and are a fan of the Land Rover 110, then you should definitely check these out. They are a world renowned Land Rover restoration shop based in Loosdrecht, the Netherlands, and many of their buildings, like the 1985 Land Rover 110 that just showed up on Bring a Trailer, have attracted a lot of attention due to their quality and uniqueness.
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Stunning 1970 Plymouth Cuda
This 1970 concours correct HEMI-Cuda has been expertly restored by Roger Gibson and Frank Badalson. If you know these two names then you know that this car has to be a true survivor of a car with all numbers matching in order to bring the driver back to the golden years of the Mopar muscle. With the original engine, transmission and body parts, all labels on this car fit perfectly with the factory-stamped chassis number. In addition, the car is accompanied by its original fender label and the radio broadcast. It is also registered in the Galen Govier Register.
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Rare 2016 Jaguar F-Type Project 7 Roadster
As the legal successor to the legendary E-Type, the Jaguar F-Type was one of the automaker's most advanced vehicles from the start. With an aluminum chassis that cleverly holds the engine in front of the rider and a gearbox that transfers power to the rear wheels, the F-Type was available with a variety of engines, induction system types, and two different gearboxes. The most powerful drive train of the F-type is the turbocharged 5.0-liter V8 of the R-variant. Building on this success, Jaguar launched a special model that is limited to just 250 copies.
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1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30: The height of the Oldsmobiles secret weapon
By 1965 it became clear that Oldsmobile had a secret weapon under development for the 442. While the W-29 package gave enthusiasts few clues as to the end goal, the secret was otherwise completely kept until its release date. So much so that the dealers didn't even know what was coming. Meanwhile, other muscle cars of the same period, some of which were more popular, struggled to keep up with the 442's prowess already on the sidewalk. Equipped with a manual transmission, slicks, and headers, the car could easily break into the 13 seconds on the drag strip, and the W-30 package only added to the car's potency.
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